Thursday, November 20, 2014


I had this draft in my blog for a while. This is what you get when you procrastinate blogging for almost a year. You don't remember where you were going with it. But I am trying to recommit myself to blogging because I love looking back on my  life.
Our vacuum that we had since we bought our first house died. It was a sad day. What was sadder was our dirty carpets. Trent was overjoyed when this new baby came. He spent a  good hour or more vacuuming the whole house.
Sometimes all kids need are a box. The vacuum proved good for more than cleaning.

And sometimes mom's just need a little bit more personal space.

These two. They try our patience every day. And Trent and I are failing, which I am trying to work on. However, sometimes there are moments like this when there is no fighting or whining and everything is perfect. They even managed to do it in the perfect spot.

One day I got up really early, ran, and was in the bath soaking by 6:30. THAT my friends is very unusual for me. In fact, it is "everything I hate." Trent will understand that.
The kids have grown like weeds. Even Miss Oakley. I just had to snag a pic of her floods. But even Oakley can make floods and her tie dye shirt look so dang cute.

And I am loving my job at the High School. Basically just a hang out session with fun people.

Monday, November 17, 2014

First Snow and First Trip to the Cabin

We didn't go to the cabin all summer because for the Backyard Blowout. We finally got a change to go and it happened to be the first snow of the season as well.
The kids loved shooting the guns, bazooka style.

We slept in front of the fire and it was co-ozy.
And The Hoard decided they really liked Ping Pong.

We filled the rest of the time up with movies, naps, reading, and, of course, eating. Also some good discussions were had.
Hopefully we don't go don't go another 9 months until our next visit.