Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trek Hike

We hiked to Ensign Peak last night to prepare the young women for Trek. It was a pretty good hike. We went the "back" way from Eaglewood. Total of 6 miles. I should do that a few times a week, then I might get my rockin' body.

When I pulled my camera out the girls asked why I liked pictures so much. What?!? Who doesn't like pictures? My answer of course was my blog and having my life documented. It's all about the memories. I did have one supporter though. Camille (3rd from the left) says she reads my blog, so she understood completely.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Should've Been Brothers

Can you believe how much they look like each other? Its amazing really. If I was in the blogging mood I would post some baby pictures of each. They really look like they could have been twins. Definitely more so than Aiden and Andrew do.

And can you believe that Andrew can actually carry Oliver around? ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maga's Pool

We ventured to Maga's pool for the first time this Summer. It was a great time. It was even better because we had some people that entertained The Hoard.

That would be Cameron in the middle of my kids. They love him.

Already looking forward to the next swim day. I hope there are lots this Summer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trail O' Fun

As soon as I mention any word that involves getting on a swimsuit, this is the result: A trail of shorts, shirts, underwear, and shoes to the swimming closet.

And then there is a party outside.

(Paige didn't want to be in the picture. She said she hated blogs. But then 10 minutes later she was crying because she wasn't in the picture and that she loved blogs. Drama, drama, drama.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sub Human vs. Super Human

I think we all know who is who in mine and Trent's relationship.

After Ragnar it took me 4 days to unpack my bag, 4 days to do the massive piles of laundry below, and 4 days to even think about exercising again.

After Ragnar it took Trent 0 days to unpack, 1 day to go to scout camp for 3 days, upon returning from camp he went right to work on mudding and sanding the garage, and 4 days to do a combo run/swim.
It's a good thing opposites attract.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Ultra Ragnar

Now for Trent's turn. We all know by now he has super human strength so the regular, hard Wasatch Back wasn't enough for him. He was invited to run on the Wasatch Running Center's Ultra team. So, instead of 12 people running 192 miles only 6 people do. And after experiencing this first hand it makes it even that much more amazing to me.

He suped up the Bohemith with some 'crazy' stickers from Wasatch running center. You have to have a tough looking vehicle to transport super human beings.

Isn't the scenery amazing? Trent had some pretty hard legs, one of which included running UP Trapper's Loop. His total mileage for the race was 34.5 miles. Makes my measly 12 miles look, well, measly.

Here he is rounding the corner approaching the finishing area.

Joined by his team they crossed the finish line with a time of 22:20:57. The were the first Ultra team and were 8th overall. Seriously, they came in 8th out of all the 12 man teams.

I can't believe they can all stand for a picture after what they just accomplished.

Trent was wasted at the end. And I love that I look like an elf.

Here are the men from Van 2. Trent had a great time with these guys. The tall guy on the right is one of Trent's regular running buddies. Does that make them sound 5 years old if I say buddies?

It is going to get sappy now, so if you are not into that just stop reading.

Like I said before I don't know what this race did to me, but it has been an awesome experience. And being able to do it "with" Trent was even more awesome. Watching him cross the finish line, knowing he had given it all he had made me get butterflies in my stomach. And it also helped that earlier in the race we (my van and I) were oogling over his picture. Not only is he amazing, he is hotter than any boy I know. AND He found me at the end,came right to me, and gave me a big sweaty hug with tears in his eyes. Can I say it was magical without being made fun of?

Loved, loved, loved being there with him.

Congrats Trent! I love you and your super human strength!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ragnar

I really didn't know how to do this post. I don't even know how to explain the feelings I had doing this race. It was the funnest time I may have ever had. Seriously. I am on a runner's high and can't wait to get back out there running and racing.

Trent and I both ran the Wasatch Back, however, Trent was on an Ultra Team. I will be doing his post later. I decided to break it up because our two races were totally different.

I was on an all girl named 1 2 3 NOT IT!!!

I only knew two people on the team to begin with, of course Kim, then a girl that grew up in my ward, Mindy. She was the one that invited us to be on this glorious team.

We met up Thursday night for some dinner and grocery shopping.
The next morning we packed up and headed on our way. Of course we had a photo shoot before we left.

And we had to get a backside shot of our shirts.

Now I would like to introduce you to my van. They were the greatest group of girls ever. And obviously all their names are jokes from our little voyage. So they will probably not be funny at all to any of you reading this.








Like I said the greatest girls out there.

For those of you who don't know about the Wasatch Back, it is a relay race from Logan to Park City. It is a total of 192 miles. There are 12 people on a team, two vans with 6 people in each, and each person has 3 different legs. You run it over the course of 2 days, with little sleep (1.5 hours to be exact), no showers, eating along the route, changing in the car, and laughing a lot. It is awesome.

I was runner 7 (the easiest) and Kim was runner 8. I would always pass the slap bracelet to her. We had issues at every exchange. The first time my team wasn't there yet and had to wait a few minutes. The second time Kim forgot her number so she had to pin mine on, and the third time I stepped on her foot right when I slapped the bracelet and fell. Really, we kind of sucked.

My theme of the race was, "You don't have to have a rockin' body to rock the race." On each of our legs we would count how many people we "killed" or passed. I had a total of 68 kills and never got passed once. And on my last leg I passed a cute, done up girl with a skinny little body. My goal the whole leg was to pass her up and to prove that a chubby, make-up-less, boy haired girl can run hard.

And before the last leg we ran into my cute cousin and her hubby, Jenna and Brady.

And there were so many fun times on this race. A lot of them I can't talk about on my blog, a little too inappropriate, but we hardly ever stopped laughing.

At the finish line, Brad and Teri were there to snap a pic of us. It was awesome to hear our names called out and see someone we knew watching us.

And now the whole team. We didn't get much hanging out time with the other van, but we all tried to cross the finish line together.

And here is a photo montage of Kim and I. It wouldn't have been the same without her.

And to the girls in Van 2. You all rock and I miss you all already. Like I said, I had the greatest time and can't wait until next time!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Survived...

and so did our kids, thanks to Jill and Cameron....and of course their own protective gear:

This was the only picture Jill took of their super fun weekend watching The Hoard. I asked her how I could do a post of her and Cam's awesomeness without any pics? She didn't have a good answer for me.

However, Jill and Cameron are awesome. Not only did they watch our kids, but they had them all over for a sleep, bought them pizza, and took them swimming. My kids absolutely love them. And so do we. Thanks guys!

As for the Ragnar, it was awesome. I am on a Ragnar high and am already planning the next one. And don't worry, a super cool, super long post is coming. I just have to sort through the 100 pictures.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Week

We have had a full week. And I am tired. And its not good to start the Ragnar Relay Race tired, but what do you do?

Between work, Young Womens, getting ready for Ragnar, and tons of playing, I barely had time to scrub my disgusting toilets.

But here are some pics of our fun times. Sorry no pic of me scrubbing urine stains.


We met Grandma Teri and Heidi and her crew at Liberty Park on Tuesday. It was good to get out and enjoy warm weather. And these three can't get enough of each other.
Oakley is getting much braver with water. She even went through the tunnel of terror.

My girls, not so much. They mostly stuck to the dry toys.

And this little guys just stared at the fun.

Oliver didn't like the direct spray, but loved playing in the tunnel when the water was off.

Then there was some laying out to get warm and dry.

And, finally, the highlight of the outing, feeding the seagulls. The kids thought it was awesome.

Next on the agenda:


Now that we have a zoo pass we will be having a lot of posts about it. And the best thing about the pass? All you can ride rides. Seeing how that is my kids favorite part, its a good thing we have unlimited fun times ahead.

Just had to document that I was actually there.

The zoo is now full of dinosaurs. They even have a couple that squirt "poison" at you. The kids loved every second of that. And, once again, Oliver was being chicken. He was screaming and holding on to me around this big fella, the T Rex.

The crew of cousins (of course we miss James and Jack. and Avery didn't want to be in the pic).

The whole time we were at the zoo, the kids just asked and asked when it was time to ride the "going around ride."

We finished the trip off with some good snacks-ice cream cones, cotton candy, and popcorn.

Now I am off to run around some mountains. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

While We Were Away

We have the best family. They are always willing to help watch our Hoard. While we were racing it up in Bear Lake, Brooke and Heidi had most the work back home.

It is always a fun time with either of those two around. Especially for our kids because they live in Hitler's Camp.

Saturday they headed out to Family Fun Day. Grandpa Brad and Grandma Teri's stake does this every year. Whats better than free entertainment.....including food.
I am a little sad I missed all the fun. Oh and Oakley told me she had a hot dog and liked it. We are moving up in the world. Now that makes a total of 4 things she will eat.

And what fun day would be complete without a giant slippn' slide?

Thanks everyone. You are all champs.