Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FHE Swim Night

We had family night at the rec center tonight. The Hoard loved every minute. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Finally Celebrating The Double Digits

We finally got around to celebrating the boys birthday in February. I know. I get mom of the year. They wanted a movie night and it was fun. Pizza, ice cream, treats, and a movie. Perfect night.
We had a houseful of boys and the Aiden and Andrew loved it. I, however, couldn't believe how boys act sometimes.

Now I can't remember what movie was watched. I guess that is why you do your journal as life happens.

All the boys were to nice to give gifts. Always the favorite part of the night.

Love these boys and so glad they made it to our family!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Double Digits

My boys turned 10.
When did that happen. I was gone on their birthday, but made it back just in time to wish them a Happy one.
 Luckily Trent took care of them.

They hit up McDonalds for a great birthday breakfast.

And then went sledding. This is one of my all time favorite pics.

Love those boys of mine.
And Trent for making their day special.

Movie Time

We saw a couple of great movies the past 2 days. The first one was preceded with a delicious meal at Crown. Now that I don't eat food like this, it was such a treat and I enjoyed every last bite.

American Sniper was next. Loved every minute of it. made me appreciate was servicemen do even more. Such a good show every American (and non-American) should see it.

We also saw Rudderless. Loved it. Loved the music, Loved the story, and loved the twist.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hard, but good day

We were able to attend Rosemary Neiders's funeral today. She was an amazing lady and left an amazing legacy. It was such a good service that inspired everyone to live life just a little better. 

And to enjoy food a little more.