Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Rest of January

I always try and talk my girls into playing with my hair. The best thing ever.

Oakley absolutely loves riding the snow mobiles and will do just about anything to do. Even shoveling new snow onto the track.

And fortunately the other kids get the rewards from her labor.

It was a sad day in January when I pulled all my eyelashes out. We are trying not to spend frivolously, so the lashes had to go. I am not a fan of my bald eyes.

The kids were doing handstands and Trent had to show them how it was really done.

Aiden has been loving his birthday gift. He made me this special flower with my name.

Oakley wore herself out (probably from shoveling all day) while reading.

We had parent teacher conferences and the kids all got a good report. They were rewarded with a book from the fair.

We made our vision boards for Book Club. I am hoping all of mine happen.
*Mixing up my workouts
*Losing flab and getting toned
*Start cycling
*Be a better person
*Look for opportunities to serve
*grow my hair out
*Clean my house more often
*Be a better wife and mother
*And grow my own lashes

We finally went and saw Frozen. It was cute and now my kids sing the songs all the time. Fun.

I think the elementary school felt bad that Oakley was the only non twin in our family, so they put two pictures of her in the class photo.

We had a popcorn catching contest.

Played some family night football.

And that brings us to the end of January and the twins!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Get Away

We headed up to the cabin for a fabulous winter getaway. Heidi and I took one for the team and walked up with the boys.

You would have thought they were dying. Seriously. A lot of complaining on the way up.

But at least they were worn out and ready for bed.

And so were the adults.

And there are few things better than sleeping by a fire.

We got up bright and early for a ride.

And had many crashes in the sled.

Heidi and I soaked in some sun whilst eating sweet chex mix and drinking our soda of choice.

We played a little Just Dance.

Loved being up there with this Grizzly Man.

And with these 2 newly weds.

And The Hoard was in heaven having these guys to play with non stop.

And, of course, my cute family. Always fun to take a break from real life and hang out with them.

We only made it up once this winter which was no good. Dang weather wouldn't cooperate and give us more snow. Hopefully next year.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


We went out to Station Park to celebrate the birth of Heidi. We hit up The Habit Grill and had delicious burgers, fries, onion rings, and my new favorite diet pomegranate lemonade.
We hit up Charming Charlies which is like the Willy Wonka of accessories store.
I, of course, walked out with a couple of new phone cases.

Always good to get out of the house and always fun to do it with these ladies.

We hit up Ross and Marshalls too. We had an impromptu visit in the furniture section. We were all dying over me in this pick because I look like a man.

We finished the night with some frozen yogurt and called it good.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Half of January

We had a pretty standard beginning of January. I got my whooping cough and pneumonia shot to prepare for the upcoming babies.

Trent created a new way to clear the walks.
We spent the time watching TV, sleeping, playing on computers and ipads, started remodels, and worked.

The kids made a ton of bracelets.
 And had a ton of sleepovers in the TV room.

I restarted my eating healthy business. Now I am always hungry.

I went running in a blizzard, which I love. And I loved having my gators to keep my ankles warm and dry.
 And the kids worked a little and did some chores around the house.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years

We love St. George. And we love going down there for New Years.
The first morning I was up way to early working, but the sunrise was gorgeous.

The kids always want to be swimming so that was our first activity.

I sat this session out, but got to cuddle the kids that needed to be warmed up.

Then the real fun began when Bill and his crew showed up.

We hit up church and Andrew kept busy with my phone. He was still in the Christmas Spirit.
Love the photobomb of Grandpa Brad.

Trent even got into the puzzle. So surprising coming from him.

I started feeling a cold coming on so my dad gave me Alka-Seltzer cold. The next morning I didn't feel sick at all. it was magic.

I felt good enough to go for a run, which is a must while you are down in St. George.

Some of us enjoyed the hundreds of crafts Grandma Holly has for us.

Some of us took advantage of the down time and napped.

And some of us had a tournament with the crafts we made.
 And Andrew won.

We went all out for New Years Eve and hit up Artic Circle for all kinds of treats.

On the way home we got pulled over but got away with just a warning. Could have been a bad way to start the new year.

Another fabulous year and another fabulous trip to St. George in the books.