Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wakeside at Kilby Court

Trent and I went to Kilby Court last night to hear the band Wakeside play. The drummer is a friend of ours and has been wanting us to come to a performance for a while. It was definitely loud, but fun. We think Wakeside rocks. If you want to take a listen go here.

And thanks to our babysitters. You guys rock too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Winter Blahs.

I am done with winter. The snow is getting old. Its not pretty anymore. And I can't handle my kids in the house 24 hours a day. And I am sure they feel the same way. So, to help me with my winter blues I did a little shopping. I don't know if it helped or not, because I can't use/wear any of the stuff for probably 2 more months. Dang it.

Whenever I need a pick me up I head to Ross. Cute stuff for a good price, whats not to love? First little summerish find, a sundress:
I LOVE the bright colors and the pattern. AND it isn't way long on me. I have wanted one of these long dresses for the longest time, but since I am vertically challenged every one I tried on would drag on the floor. Until I found this beauty. It is the perfect length. I was so excited!
My next find was this awesome cooler:
I fell in love with the look of it right away. I think white, orange, and brown are always a good combo. Now I can't wait for our picnics in the park and being able to pull out a cold fresca to drink. Ahh.
Last up a new suit:

I got this from Hapari, not Ross, I have been wanting it forever, but could never bring myself to buy it. I finally just bit the bullet, put it in my shopping cart, proceeding to checkout, hit place order, and never looked back. I love the colors and the mix with the polka dots. AND I LOVE boy short swimsuits. Just gives me a little extra coverage around my thunder thighs.
So, now when I get mad at the cold weather I just pull one of these items out and dream about hot summer days. I know I shouldn't wish time away, but I just can't help myself...

Monday, February 22, 2010

B B B Bowlin'...

Jill had the fabulous idea to take our kids bowling for family night. It was awesome. I didn't show up to compete obviously, because half my kids got higher scores than me...
We had quite the crew and took up 2 lanes. I think I should have joined the kids lane and used the ramp and gutter guards.
Jill and Cameron are pro bowlers. Cameron even has his own shoes. Trent stayed right up there with them. I didn't break 100 either game...

It was a fun night and we loved getting out and doing something new. And it is always good to play sports in real life and not just on the Wii. Although, I am much better in the video game...
Thanks Cameron and Jill for the night out and helping with the kids!!!
(And for those that don't know, Cameron will be joining the family permanently on June 4th!!!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines=Girl Time

Trent and I don't believe in Valentines, therefore, we never plan anything or buy each other anything. So, instead of being romantic with Trent, I went and had some girl time. Which is always a good.

First up: Firehouse Pizza.

You all know this is a fave of mine. And I tried something new too. I know, Amy try something new? Yes, I did and it was delicious! And of course the FHZookie did not disappoint.
Kristen, Meg, Me, and Lindsay. These girls are some of my "BBF's" from my ward. I love my ward and love the girls I get to serve with in YW's. We have a great time together. If I am ever released I just might become inactive....

Next Up: Shower for another BFF from the ward

She is adopting the most beautiful girl from Ethiopia. The shower was fabulous with tons of really good food and great company. I ate 2 too many eclairs. Just for the record I don't do diets on the weekends.

Followed By: Celebration Brooke

It was Brooke's B Day on Saturday, so of course there was some celebrating to be had. Met up with the In Laws forgot the name. Is it Noodles & Company? Anyways, It was my first time there. I ordered a salad and the smallest salad ever created was delivered to me. Really, I could have eaten the whole thing in 3 bites. But I wasn't too disappointed seeing how I had just come pigging out at the above mentioned shower.

Me, Brooke, Teri, Jill, Heidi, Jamie. Always fun to be with these girls. I am lucky to have married into a family with so many sisters.

Last Stop: When In Rome

I don't go to movies all that often, so this was a treat. And I had been wanting to see it for a long time. I would say it was just all right, but I think Josh Duhamel is pretty darn good looking.

Trent and I did 'celebrate' V Day by going to "Old McDonalds" with our kids. Nothing more romantic than that.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010


We finally got tile this week in the new mudroom. Very exciting. It has been a long process, a year to be exact. Now we just have to wait for our locker/bench thing to be built and we are done. The girls loved to watch.

And I do comb their hair sometimes....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mini Cheer

Oakley had her mini cheer dance yesterday. They did the halftime show at the High School BB game. She was so excited!

She never faced the crowd. She was always watching the cheerleaders to see what to do next. And sometimes she did the moves and other times she didn't...
They were the first performance. Oakley was in heaven watching everyone else do their dances. It was great and it was so fun to watch her.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Into the Garbage

I am starting my healthy lifestyle today. I know I am a month late with the weight loss resolution thing, but thats okay. I lost my will to be healthy during the Holidays and have finally gotten to the point of disgust. I have gained back the weight I lost, plus some. Yuck.

Diets are hard for me. My house is known as the Fat House. I love to make food, feed people, and stuff my face. That doesn't really help in the weight loss department. For example, we had a Superbowl Party yesterday and there was SO much delicious food, that I gorged myself until I couldn't gorge myself anymore...and then I had 2 more oreo truffles...

So, as I was cleaning up last night and this morning I made some tough moves. I threw away ALL the leftover baked cheese dip, I really did. This morning I threw away the last oreo truffle, and now I am throwing away the last of my pie crust cookies. This is difficult for me in 2 ways. First of all I HATE wasting food. Hate it. Second, these things are so ultimately delicious and are way too good for the garbage. But if it is around I have absolutely no self control.

With bad things out of reach and good things in the fridge hopefully, by summer/swimsuit season, I will like my body a little bit better. Here's to veggies, fruits, and a very large decrease in the consumption of treats. Bummer.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Sleepover

We got to have Josh over for a bit. My kids always love when Josh is around. And Josh is always ready to go home after being in the Nazi camp that is our house. We have to keep the chaos to a minimum with the Hoard, so we are strict with rules and such. It saves Trent and I from being committed.
Josh brought an awesome movie to watch. Something Bionicles? The kids loved it.
Meal times were fun. We even got to enjoy one more extra kid, Oliver, for the day. I think we used a whole loaf of bread and then some for this meal...

And here is a quick, cheap, and tasty meal idea for those that need to feed a few kids. I bought some Greek flat bread from Costco. It cost less than $3 and comes with 10 pieces. Then just put some pizza sauce and cheese and bake until cheese melts. This is even cheaper than Little Caesars and the kids get their own mini pizza, which ends up being perfect for them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy's Recap

Last night I got to watch the Grammy's. I love seeing what people are wearing (or not wearing) and I love the performances. All in all it was a fun night. Here are some of my thoughts on the show.

  • Loved watching the Red Carpet show On ET. But didn't like the 360 degree picture thing. And I kinda don't like Ryan Seacrest.
  • Trent thought there was a striking resemblance between Rihanna and Gozar from Ghostbusters. And I can't disagree with him...

  • Lady Gaga is absolutely the weirdest dresser out there. She looks like she is going into orbit.

  • I didn't mind her performance though, probably because I love "Poker Face" and the Moulin Rouge song by Elton John (don't know the real name). And Andrew wanted her to burn again. And I told him she probably will some day...

  • Hated Beyonce's, Black Eyed Peas', Jamie Fox's, and Eminem's so called performances.

  • Got to enjoy some time with this girl. Always a treat. And I love my humongous cheeks and jaw bone in the pick. Very Robert Pattinson looking...yuck.

  • Brooke and I having our favorite quotes for the night. Brooke-"I HATE her, him, this song, etc." Mine-"What is that?" referring to clothes, hair styles, and such.

  • Little disappointed with the Micheal Jackson Tribute. They should have done a reenactment of Thriller or something. And no 3D. Not everyone has 3D glasses lying around.

  • Loved Lady Antebellum's performance. Love their voices and I love the song, "Need You Now."
  • I don't like when they bring back old singers to ruin new songs. I am sorry to say, but I think as you age your voice does too. Just doesn't sound that great. Not that I have room to talk with my lovely vocals...
  • Loved Loved Loved Taylor Swift. She seems so genuine and seems to still have some morals left. Loved that she won Album of the Year. She definitely deserves it. And I loved her dress.

  • And I LOVED Pink's song she did last night. Loved that it was a slow song and I love the little Cirque Du Soleil act she did. Although, very disappointed in her outfit. I didn't know they made outfits out of masking tape...