Monday, June 30, 2008

Relaxing in St. George...

We are back from our week vacation in St. George. We all had a great, amazingly relaxing, time. When we arrived Tuesday night, Brooke took our three older kids to see Kung Fu Panda. They all loved it! And they all sat through the whole thing. The came home talking about "Kung Poo Panda." Thanks Brooke. The next day we went to visit Brooke at work and hung around the house all day. Brooke was nice enough again to watch our kids so Trent and I could enjoy a dinner at In & Out by ourselves. So good! More of the Jensen clan arrived later that night and we journeyed over to a water park. Here are just a couple of pics from that night.
Paige absolutely loved the water. She was screaming and enjoying the water spray!
Morgan liked the smaller water sprays.
The next day we went to the Tabernacle and played in the fountain and rivers there. Unfortunately, 15 mins into the fun, James fell and split his forehead open and he had to go get stitches. Poor kid. So, I kept the rest of the kids and we chose to stick with the little water falls and river.

Josh, Andrew, and Aiden sitting on the waterfall.

Oakley loved to put her hands in the waterfall.

My kids just being their goofy selves.


On Thursday night some of the girls went to see Les Miserables. LOVED IT! Les Mis is my absolute favorite play. I love the music and the story. It was a good time. Thanks again Teri!

Here we are at Tuacahn surrounded by red rock.
Every afternoon we had quiet time. This was the usual position of my boys.
Jill, Paige, Jenny, Morgan relaxing in the pool.
At night, when the golf course closed, we would take a walk and find golf balls. The kids loved it. It was like Easter all over again.
Aiden showing of his find. I love that he put it right up to his face when I asked him to show me.
Oakley finding a ball in the bushes. She was so excited.
Andrew running back from his lucky find. He loved storing the balls in his backpack.
On Saturday we were able to go fishing for a little bit. It was super hot, so not too many bites, but my kids still had fun. Grandpa Larry ended up catching a fish, so each of the kids got a chance to reel it in.

The group trying to catch a BIG one!
Oakley and her dad. I love this pic!


It was a great week. Now back to real life; work, cleaning, kids, and trying to pay off our credit card from the HUGE gas bills. Anyone want to buy a beast that gets 9 miles per gallon?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just for Fun...

Here are some fun, random pictures of the everyday. My kids are always making me laugh.
Oakley found Trent's running hat and gloves. At least she got the hat on the right spot.
Every time we put Morgan to bed, the first thing she does is lift the bumper and peak under it. She is the cutest thing!
Our secret agents.
Where's Paigie?
"There she is!" This is Paige's new favorite thing to do.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Cousin!

Since Cade and Emily don't have a blog, I thought I would do their bragging!
Avery Jane
7 lbs 11 oz
19 inches
June 20
9:14 am
She has the cutest little round face. She is a mini Aaron.
You forget how tiny they come and it was nice to hold a newborn that wasn't mine.
When we got there Avery started crying, I am sure ALL my kids frightened her. But I worked my magic and calmed her down. I am her favorite already!
Congrats Cade and Emily!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Quotes from Andrew...

Trent and Jake took our boys camping and Andrew had fallen asleep on the way. Shortly before arriving at the camp site Andrew woke up and started bawling. Trent and Jake couldn't figure out what was wrong. After a series of questions without answers Andrew finally responded with, "I can't do this right now!" I guess he didn't want to discuss his problems.
Oakley and Andrew were reading books together and Aiden came up and stole Oakley's book. So, Andrew invited Oakley over to read with him and he said, "Aiden's being a psycho."
One day I was sitting on a stool "working" on the computer and Andrew comes up and yells at me, "Mom, get off the stool!" I told Andrew that he doesn't talk to me like that, so he responds back, still yelling, "Mom! PLEASE get off the stool!" At least something is getting through to him???
We were getting our Jensen family pictures taken and all my kids had been throwing up and having diarrhea. All my kids love baby Annie, so I had to keep reminding them not to touch her. Andrew was having a hard time keeping his distance. I told him he couldn't touch her because he was having gross poops. He looked at me like I was insane and says, "I not going to poop on baby Annie?!?"
I was changing Paige's diaper one day and Andrew came over to observe. He looks down at her and says with a worried look on his face, "Mom, her bum is on backwards!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Viewer Discretion Advised

Another eventful day at the Jensen household. It started with a visit from one of my best friends Kellee and her mom. We chatted, watched kids, and remembered the good old days. When they left, Sarah and Aaron came over for some more fun while Emily went to another appointment. A couple hours into their visit I had gotten a box cleaned out for them to play with. Well, the boys were so excited that they turned and started running from the kitchen into the tv room. Aiden tripped over the other 2 pair of feet and face planted right into the kitchen cupboards. Blood started gushing everywhere. Luckily, I was the one home and not Trent. I am sure Trent would have passed out.
You can see in this picture how his lip was pretty much just ripped off his gums.
Here is Aiden trying to show off his "battle wound."
Right after it happened, Aiden fell asleep. His lip and nose are so swollen. We think he looks like a "Who" from the Grinch.
I think this picture best describes how he felt right after. He looks worked.

Well, there you have it. By the end of the day Aiden was acting like nothing had happened. And we just keep laughing at how funny his lip looks. Aren't we good parents?


Yesterday I watched Cade and Emily's kids while Emily went to one of her last few doctors appointments. We had a good time playing outside in the pool. I love this warm weather we are finally having!
Oakley really didn't want anything to do with the pool while everyone else was playing in it. I actually had to make her get in her swimsuit.
The Boys!
I can just see the trouble these boys are going to make together in High School.

My boys! This was one of the few times they weren't fighting over the hose.

Sarah was the only one that actually really played in the pool. Look at the air she got!
After everyone else was done with the pool Oakley finally got in. Only long enough for a picture though.
After swimming everyone was hungry. I think we had a whole loaf of bread for lunch. Good times!

My kids are already excited for Sarah and Aaron to come back and play today. I was hoping I would be babysitting them again because Emily was having a baby, but it looks like, so far, just another doctors appointment.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The day has come and gone and the Bear Lake races were a giant success! The scenery was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the relaxing night before the race was fantastic! Jake, Trent, and I headed up to the lake Friday afternoon. Trent ran the full marathon, Jake the 1/2 marathon, and I ran the 10K (which ended up being 7.1 miles instead of 6.2!) Trent is the ultimate CHAMPION! He won the entire marathon. Good work Trent! Jake is a champion because he got second place in his age division. And, well, I am a champion because I actually finished my race, even with an extra mile added in there! ;)
I was so excited to pick up my first ever race packet! So, I had to document the occasion with a picture.
Here is Jake racing to the finish line.
Trent a few steps from Victory!
All of us at after the races. I am surrounded by winners!
We call him "Andy Bernard"

You can see Trent's little head poking out. He came back to the hotel, went right to the bed, and stayed like this until it was his turn to shower!
Since I had a picture of everyone else in the hotel room after the race I HAD to get one of me. Not too cute.
The two champions with their trophy's. Trent is actually going to get a plaque and check in the mail for being the overall winner. Nice!
It was a real fun time and I can now understand why people like to run races. Well, actually, I still don't understand what possesses a person to run an entire marathon, but maybe I could see myself running a half some day. It was a good time and I am already looking forward to next year!
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there, especially, Trent, the ultimate champion when it comes to running and being a husband and a father.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Boys Week...Finally

Well, it took me a while to post the boys shooting spree and I know you have all been dying to see these pictures! ;)
The boys with their Grandpa Brad trying to find some "fat squirrels" to shoot.
Jake, Trent, Aiden, and Andrew. I love the boys looking at each other laughing. Such a cute picture. And I guess the other two boys are cute in it too. ;)
Jake was trying to get a cute pic of all my boys chillin in the back of the truck. Well, I still think it is cute even though they wouldn't open their eyes and smile.
I guess this is how my boys ate on the trip. This was their lunch one day, powdered donuts and peach rings. Oh, well. It was a vacation right?
My boys had a great time with their dad, Uncle Jake, and Grandpa Brad. They loved to go and find the bloody, "fat squirrels" after they shot them. They would stare at the carnage fascinated with the fact that the "fat squirrels got blood." Thanks Grandpa Brad for taking my boys shooting. They loved it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smarty Pants

Last night we celebrated Jake's graduation with the Jensen fam. We went to a park, ate good food, played frisbee, and had a eulogy for Jake. It was a good time.
Josh got in the "baby" swing backwards and got stuck. It was pretty funny looking.
I love this picture of Andrew. I hardly have any pictures of him smiling or actually even looking at the camera!
I asked James how come he could go so high. He said, "I don't know. I am just good. And I didn't even take any lessons." He cracks me up!
Jenny and my girls. It was harder to get Jenny to look and smile at the camera than my girls! ;)
Oakley showing me the good food she was consuming. And it was really good food.
The Papas and The Boys
Trying to blow bubbles. After a few minutes Andrew just dumped his whole bottle out and said he was done. Sheesh.
Aiden got pretty good at the bubble blowing.
I really like this picture too! The Jensen boys with my girls!

Thanks to Jamie for planning the party, thanks to everyone who brought such good food, and thanks to Jake for being so smart so we could have another excuse for a party!