Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 Holy cow. I didn't even know how to do this post, which is why it has taken over 2 weeks to get it done. We had so many pictures and it was hard to narrow it down. After reading this post you may think that I didn't narrow it down, but I did.

 2 weekends ago we headed down south to do the Red Rock Relay. It is from Bryan Head to Zions. 183 miles. 12 runners. 2 vans.

 We were Van #2. The Sun Van they call it. Now I understand why.

We had the best time in our van.

 We got to our first exchange ready to go. The start of a race is so exciting. We, or should I say, Trent, Larry, Bill, and Kim ran up to 10,000 feet. Lets just say we all got a little altitude sickness.

Trent started us off right.

Followed by Larry. Both their runs were extremely steep and they both did amazing.

Bill couldn't have been happier to start out his race. He didn't have the same expression when he finished.

Kim cruised down her very steep decline. Her leg was one of the prettiest ones.

Jamie started the race off on the right foot.

 But near the end of her leg, her actual leg wasn't cooperating.

Unfortunately she had to sit the rest of her legs out thanks to her IT band. Aren't injuries the worst thing ever?

I brought up the rear, probably because I have the biggest one. ;)

 One of my favorite things about relay races are the nicknames we give each other. They are hiliarious and make me smile everytime I think about them. Let me explain them to you.

Trent-The Gold Standard. It is hard not to compare yourself to a person that can do anything and everything and do it perfectly.

Larry-Blind Man. Just take a look at his running picture above and you will know what I am talking about. He also went ahead to look at the 1 mile sign to confirm it was 1 mile. However, since he is blind it really wasn't a 1 mile sign and gave Kim bad information.

Bill-The Big Package. Now get your mind out of the gutter. He got his nickname within 10 seconds of the trip. You see He packed this HUGE foam pad rolled up with a blanket. It was seriously as wide as our suburban. That is where he got his name.

Kimmy-Rodeo. Kimmy said the phrase, "This isn't my first rodeo." quite a few times on our trip. So it seemed only fitting to call her that.

Jamie-Bum Knee Smee. I am sure you understand where the bum knee part came from but the Smee part is a different story. She brought along this long striped beanie type hat and put it on. She looked like Mr. Smee from Peter Pan.

Amy-Roctane. I loved my second run. I mean loved it. Best run I have ever had in my life.I was feeling sick and tired before my race and was pretty worried about my run. So I took my first ever Roctane Gu right before my run. I felt fantastic and a little hyper. I ran my 7 miles with a 7:26 min mile average. Loved every second of it and now am a Roctane girl all the way.

 Bill and Larry were the old ones of the group and they instantly clicked. They became fast friends and will be BFFs for life.

 Us girls had a great time together as well. I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls. No fighting, no drama. Such a good time.

We pretty much all got along great. There were no problems with this group of runners. We came away from the race with nothing bad to say at all. Everyone got along, helped out when needed, ran their hearts out, cheered others on, and had a great time being together.

And since all 3 of us girls had the same pose I had to do a collage for it.

And anyone that has run a relay usually says their favorite run is their night run. I don't know what it is, but it is so fun to run in the dark. Maybe its because you can't see how long you have to run or that it is 30 degrees cooler. ;)

And as always, love being with Trent. He is amazing on all levels. He even saved me on my last leg. I was ready to sit down and quit, but he came back for me and helped me up the last hill. Love him.

 Now on to the death part of the run. Our last legs. We were worried from the beginning about these, especially since the projected temps for St. George were 100 for Saturday. We started our legs around 8:30 and watched the temps increase every hour.
 Seeing how Jamie was not able to running she stepped in as driver. She did a fantastic job getting us to each exchange. She even yelled at Larry to get in the car so we wouldn't miss Trent. She was all business. ;)

Trent's first of his last legs.

My dad's last leg was his longest. I think it was 6.8 miles. He killed it. He never stopped running. Even this young fella couldn't pass him on this hill. Seriously we were all proud of him.

Bill rocked his legs and finished strong. He was even able to pose for this pic.

Kim's last leg was from Satan himself. The first half was huge steep hills and it was blazing hot. It was a long run over 6 miles and she nailed it.

Trent's 5th and final leg. It was over 7 miles and scorching. He ended up running 31 miles total and kept his pace down around 6:30 the whole time. See, The Gold Standard.

After he finished his leg, he found the only shade around and was rubbed down with ice by our amazing team mates.

After watching everyone run their last legs I knew I had to be prepared. I doused myself with water and put ice in certain places.

I said my night was my best ever run, but this run was the hardest run I have ever done in my life. It was 6.7 miles, a steady incline, and hot. I have never had the thoughts of quitting a race until this leg. Seriously it was so hard. Luckily my van stopped every mile to help me and another van sprayed me down every time I passed.

I have never been so happy to see the finish line. And do you know what? 5 minutes after crossing it I was ready to sign up for another race. Thats the beauty of running. It is so hard, yet so satisfying.

Here is a pic of the whole team. Didn't get to hang out with them much. Thanks to Lindsey for giving us a van to fill!

Van 2

See, Blind Man didn't even know where the camera was.

And here is a big shout out to my van. One of the best groups ever. I can't say it enough. Loved being with them and loved the no drama factor. Everyone was so fun to be around and here is why:

Trent picked up the extra work and never complained once about it. I actually think he enjoys it a little.

 Bill was "such a treat' and hilarious and always willing to support the runners on the road. So glad he could join us for his first ever relay. 

My dad was just amazing. Being 62 and passing people in their 20's is just plain awesome.

Jamie never once complained or sulked about being injured. Being injured is the worst thing and to still be happy and helpful just shows what kind of person Jamie is.

Kimmy is just plain fun and I can always share a good laugh with her. You know you are good friends when you see each other as much as we do and never get sick of each other. And she represented team USA well.

And me, well, I am always the butt of every joke which I think the whole van loved. ;)

Can't wait to try this one again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School 2012

 We had our first day of school this week. We have all been looking forward to this day, especially me. The past few days have been refreshing.

Andrew is now in 2nd grade and still won't let us touch his hair with anything sharp....

Aiden also in 2nd grade. And he does let us cut his hair.

Oakley is now in 1st grade. All day school. She was excited to finally use her lunch box that matches her backpack.

 Paige is in Kindergarten and is loving it. She was so excited to show me what she worked on in school.

Morgan is also in Kindergarten. And she is so good to always get her reading done and hounds me until I help her with it.

The entire Hoard in school this year. Wow.

Watch out teachers, this is going to be BIG!