Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SG with the Ragamuffins

I had a little weekend getaway with my girls from Wasatch Back. It was nice to have a relaxing trip with showers and sleep. A very different experience from Ragnar last year.

Mindy and I went down a night before everyone else. We had a short run in the morning and then ate at Mad Pita, my new favorite place in St. George. In fact, we went the next day as well when everyone came to town.

Who knows what I am looking at. I was terrible unphotogenic in all my pictures this weekend. And it just confirmed the fact that I am about 2 weeks past due on a haircut...

We went on a group run and followed it up with some green smoothies.

And had a late night ab workout.

We got some pedicures and manicures.

See what I mean about the pics?

And of course we had to do a foot shot to show off our cute toes. The best part of the pedicure was that my person asked if I was a runner after she looked at my feet. Seriously! I must be a real runner if my feet are showing signs of it. ;) I actually think it was a nice way of saying I have way too many callouses and ugly toenails....

We did a lot of shopping and almost couldn't fit everything in the car.

It was a great weekend and it went way too fast. Love my running girls. Thanks for the fabulous time!

Can't wait for WB in 2 months! Woot Woot!

Go Ragamuffins!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back Post

I have been a little MIA in the blogging world, but I had to do a back post to get my kids St. Patty's Day celebrations in. Like I said before, Kim (and Luke) were awesome babysitters. Friday night the kids made a leprechaun trap.

After all their hard work they needed a treat. And what better ice cream than playdoh.
They all went to bed hoping they would wake up to find a leprechaun in their trap. There was a trail of gold and a rainbow doorway.

But, unfortunately no leprechaun. He managed to just miss the trap, but left his green footprints all over the counter.

And he turned the milk green and peed in the toilet while he was visiting. Morgan wouldn't have anything to do with the green milk and I don't blame her.

My kids are pretty lucky to have such fun babysitters while we were gone.

And thanks to Kim for watching the kids AND letting me steal her entire post...;)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Half & 5 Miler

Trent and I had a quick retreat from kids for a night. Friday afternoon we headed down to Moab for some races. We stopped and had a bite to eat at Training Table and did a little shopping at REI. There are getting fewer and fewer Training Tables in UT. We are afraid they are on their way out. We may have to venture there more often to enjoy the goodness before its too late.

At the campsite Trent took his usual 1/2 hour getting his stuff ready. Did you know he searched online and purchased his own safety pins for his bibs? Ya, he is that obsessed with perfection.
And lucky for me I got to use some of his magic safety pins.

After a long night of not sleeping we got up and headed to the starting lines. Since I was first to cross the finish line I snapped a pic of me waiting for Trent near the finish line.

And here is the machine himself.

It was a good race, but super windy, which is not fun at all. What was fun though? I got 2nd place in my age division. I even got a medal. First time ever that I have gotten a medal and Trent hasn't. Our medal collections just got a little more even, only 23 more to go to catch up to Trent....

After the races we enjoyed some showers, cleaned up camp, had a fantastic lunch at La Hacienda, and headed over to the local grocery store to see if they had my ice cream. And to my great surprise they did!!! BEST part of the trip! Just so you all know the significance of this, I can only find this ice cream in one place. Walkers in Moab. They had 10 pints, I purchased 8 of them, bought some dry ice, and squeezed them in our cooler. I cannot tell you how much I love this ice cream.

After a long car ride we arrived home to this:

Lucky Bingo.

Kim did a fantastic job watching the kids, but that is another post entirely.

Overall it was a great overnighter with Trent. Thanks to Kim and Luke for watching The Hoard!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Night Babies

Not only do we have to tuck Paige and Morgan in, but their babies as well.

Oh, and Morgan's horse.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cowboy Up

The other week the kids had a read-a-thon all week. Every time they brought in a star with the number of minutes read they got another piece of their costume. On Friday they got to wear everything to school. Reading has never been so fun.

We watched Caroline for a bit before school started and Oakley said she needed a picture.
Now if only they were excited to read every day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yep, I'm Cursed

So, I have a race on Saturday. And what do you think happens to me? I get hurt. I honestly cannot believe it. My curse is really starting to get old.

Last night I snuck in my room to get a blanket (Brooke and I were staying up late to watch The Voice and Smash and I was trying to be quick and quiet for Trent) and I hit my little toe on the door jam on my way out. Well, needless to say I wasn't quiet anymore. Who knew something so small could hurt so bad? I seriously thought my toe had broken completely off. Fortunately it is still attached, but slightly swollen and bruised.

It really, really hurts. I am no Dr. but I wouldn't be surprised if it really is broken. And since I have killer legs for both of my upcoming Ragnars I cannot miss a run, so I ran through the pain this morning. Not so much fun. Not only was it super windy, but it felt like I was restubbing (or should I say, rebreaking) my toe with every step.
Dang you Curse. I'm really starting to loathe you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Playing Hooky

We decided to skip school, work, and all other responsibilities on Friday and go snowmobiling. We had to at least get one trip in before the snow melts. We woke up bright and early, ate some cereal, and headed out.

We made it safely to the cabin after mine and the girls near death experience. Lets just say we lost control for a little bit and made it safely between 2 trees just wide enough for the snowmobile and managed to stop before going doing the mountain side-all with my eyes closed. And Trent says I can't drive a snowmobile. ;)

Once at the cabin we hung out, played games, did puzzles, ate, watched movies, slept, and did a little more snowmobiling.

And a little sledding and playing in the snow.
I think it was a fantastic day of Hooky with my cute little family.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seriously, Lovin' the Sun

It was so nice to send the kids outside after school.

We cannot wait for Summer around here.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunny & Warm

Today was so nice. Loved the Sun. Loved the temp. Loved the idea of going on a run with my girls.

And they loved riding in the stroller and making funny faces at the camera.

The girls were all smiles when we were done, but holy cow, I was dead. 4.65 miles pushing two kids up huge hills was killer. I seriously came home and laid on my floor for a good ten minutes.

But I did love running without layers of clothes on.

That part was Heavenly.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Shoeing

We went snow shoeing over the weekend. It was a fantastic time. Here is the crew that made the trek with us. Dough, Lindsay, Trent, Me, Kim, Luke. Greyson is pictured, but he stayed behind.

Trent and I as we get pumped to hike up the mountain.
Luke and Kim getting ready. Somehow they were always the last ones ready....

And Doug and Lindsay. Doug likes candid shots better, so he was "fixing" his pole.

The girls

The boys.

The animal.

The boys did some extreme sledding in a wind and snow storm.

And the girls did a few runs, took some pics, and made fun of things at the top of the hill. It was stinking cold. You see the snow on my cheek? Ya, that was frozen there.

After eating some lunch and getting warm, Luke and I headed out to do some more sledding. The others stayed behind and played some mean games of Rumikub.

And Luke and I had a killer run down the mountain.

One of the main activities was eating. We laughed at the difference in food that was packed in. Can you tell who brought what?

Mine and Trent's was the top one. Very minimal. A few dehydrated meals, rolls, chips, fruit, tuna fish pack, charleton chews, and a pack of cookies.

Luke and Kim's on the bottom right. Dehydrated meals, popcorn, jerky, cheese and crackers, ramen noodles, chips, dessert, bagels, hot chocolate, cream of wheat, fruit rolls ups, and I am sure a few other things not pictured.

Doug and Lindsay brought their whole kitchen. Tin foil dinners. 8 burritos. 8 cans of coke. 8 cans of Dr. Pepper, 3 cans of Mnt Dew, bagels, Duck sauce, pretzels, chips, oats and honey bars, 2 huge symphony bars, cadbury eggs, twizzlers, poptarts, and peanut butter.

And we enjoyed every bite of the spread.

And Luke was in heaven with his 5 servings of lasagna.

In preparation to leave, we had to get our engagement shot.

And a group shot.

I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all.

Trent now has the snow fun "itch," so we will see what is in store next time.