Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We had so many leaves this year.
The boys loved them the most I think. They would actually bury themselves all the way under this year. So brave.
The girls liked the leaves long as they weren't buried all the way under.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing Out

I contracted Strep Throat late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. As soon as I woke up in the middle of the night with fever, chills, headache, body aches, and a severe sore throat I knew. I wasn't very happy. I have missed out of a few things because of this sickness.

First up, Jake and Candice's wedding gift:
We always give a group gift among the Jensen siblings when one of them gets married. It is always fun to try and find the perfect gift and it is even funner to watch them open it. This happened Sunday morning and, unfortunately, I stayed home and got to visit Insta Care instead. And do you know what else is missing. A cute wrapping job!

Second thing I missed out on: Young Women's.

I know most of you are thinking this is no big deal and it usually wouldn't be, but I worked on our Young Women in Excellence project all week to have it done on Sunday. I made a scrapbook with a pic of each girl and a spot for them to write their testimonies. Very bummed that I couldn't be there to witness the unveiling.

Third: The Museum.

The boys had a field trip on Monday morning at the Children's Museum. I think it is such a fun place and the great part of it was the adults didn't have to pay and each kid was only $3!!! Such a deal. Well, Trent, being the good dad that he is, stepped in and took all 5 kids. He was the only dad there AND the only one taking pictures. Isn't he the best?

Last, but actually a good one: Calories.

Since I can't swallow very well I haven't eaten too much in the past two days. It has actually been great. Perfect way to get back on my diet. Although, our good friend Kristen was nice enough to bring us a meal last night and I couldn't even eat very much of it. Sad. Kristen is always thinking of us. You gotta love amazing people like her! Thanks Piggy! ;)

I am starting to feel somewhat better. Trent went back to work today, so I actually have to get out of bed. I think we will be watching PBS kids and a few movies. And maybe making some hot chocolate to 'celebrate' the new snow. Not too excited about the start of winter, but what can you do.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little Preview

We went to a Halloween party last night. Trent was super stoked to get dressed up and play games. Right up his ally. I on the other hand was so excited! I love getting dressed up! We both had a great time at the party. Thanks Meg & Quinn for a howling good time!

Just wait until you see the kid's costumes. We are going to be a whole Zombie family. The kids got even more excited when they saw Trent and I in our spooky costumes. Although, Andrew did inform us that we weren't spooky to him.

Can't wait for Halloween!
Have I mentioned that I love it....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Which Witch?

We went and saw the witches at Gardner Village yesterday. It was a good time. You gotta love free activities for kids. Thanks Kim and Emily for coming on such short notice!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Sister-in-Law!!!

Trent's brother Jake is getting married in 3 weeks. We are all so excited to have Candice in the family. She fits right in! And I love getting another sister-in-law. We threw her a shower last night and it turned out great. We had the best food around. Thanks to everyone for coming and supporting Jake and Candice!
All us sisters decided to give her a gift both her and Jake could enjoy. I am sure you get the idea from the bottom left picture. Your welcome Jake, your welcome.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

*Mini Charleston Chews*
These are my new favorite candies. I love them and can't get enough of them. I could eat a whole box in one sitting. For this reason I now have a strict rule that I cannot buy these anymore, unless I am on vacation or something. Dang it.

I don't like to do my hair and because of this fact I love hats. They make ugly hair look good. And another of my favorite things is my new organization of my hats. I hung these up all by myself. Aren't you proud?


I am loving anything pumpkin these days. Enough said.

*Fall Colors*
I am so lucky I get to see this view every time I look out my window. I love Fall. The colors, the weather, the holidays. And look at that huge pile of leaves my kids get to play in. Awesome.

*Hot Chocolate*
This has always been a long time favorite of mine, but now with the sometimes cooler weather it makes it taste that much better. And I so wish Costco sold the big economy size of the Marshmallow Stevens. That would be heavenly.


I found these beauties at Ross in St. George. I love them. There is still a debate about what I can where them with. You see, they only come up to maybe my mid calf. So, they are kind of a weird length. Half the people I ask say I can where them with a skirt, the other half say no. What do you think?

*Lucky Charms*

I know. I am reverting back to a 12 year old. But they came out with these mini marshmallow Lucky Charms and it seems to be the perfect balance between the mallows and the cheerios. I eat a bowl every morning.

*Good TV Night*

More specifically this guy, Russell. For those of you who watch Survivor you understand. For those that don't, just know that this guy is conniving, hilarious, smart, and mean. Love him.


My friend, Lindsay, brought this over for dinner. I am hooked. It is so good and it only has 25 calories per serving! Makes eating salads a lot more fun.

*Spooky Jars*

My sister-in-law Kimmy made some of these jars and I instantly fell in love. For those that don't know, Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I love spooky decorations. These were so easy to make too. I just found some old bottles at the DI and printed off the labels. Thanks to Kimmy for helping me make these awesome potions and poisons. If you want to see some cuter ones check out Kim's blog here. She also has the sites for the labels linked on her blog!
So there you go. I hope you enjoyed this meaningless post.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Deer Hunt

We decided to try out the deer hunt this weekend. We journeyed far into the wilderness...
We made sure we had our guns.
We got into the killing mood.
Drove around in search of the perfect buck.
Stopped for a family picture.

And found our kill.
Really, the deer is courtesy of the Neffs. We just went up to the cabin for a little rest and relaxation and it happened to be the start of the deer hunt. We watched scary shows, ate a lot of good food, and had a good time with our friends. Thanks for making the journey Capsons!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Who Needs a Glass?

( Don't worry, we really don't let our kids drink out of the carton everyday.....only on Fridays.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dressing Up for the Occasion

Paige thought that going to the D.I. was special, so she wore her very special princess crown for the occassion.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lord Helmet

See any resemblance?
We had to buy Andrew an 8+ helmet because his head is so huge. I just imagine him telling Aiden that light speed is too slow and he is going for ludicrous speed on his bike.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Girls Night at Cafe Rio!

Last night I got to have dinner with some of my HS friends at one of my favorite places. It is always good time with these girls.
Left to Right: Melissa, Kody, Chesney, Me, Cecilie, and Paige. Paige is actually the reason we came to like the name for our little Paige. Just a little info for ya. ;)

And here is a little more info for you all to enjoy: if you are wondering about the lack of posting/commenting/facebooking and my all together absence from the Internet world, I am sorry. My life, for some reason, has become incredibly chaotic. Between preschool, work, exercise, Young Womens, gymnastics, friends, and the other daily chores, I am finding little time for my past addiction. When I came home from St. George I had 90+ new posts in my google. And I have only gotten it down to the 60's. Soooo, I will probably not comment on all these posts, but I am still here, reading about your lives. I am hoping by next week I will have figured out why I am so discombobulated these days. Until then my friends....

Monday, October 5, 2009

St. George Marathon 2009

We ventured down to good old St. George this weekend so Trent could run the marathon again. Yes, I said again. Like I said, Trent is a machine. I only took my camera out for the marathon. So that is all the fun you get to see.

Trent's biggest Fans:
We all felt we got our workout for the day just watching these amazing runners cross the finish line.

The Machine Himself:
Check out the time on the clock. Trent finished 34th out of 5584 runners and with a time of 2:45:28. He amazed us all!
The End:

It was such a fun weekend with the marathon, good food, family, swimming, and shopping. You gotta love St. George!