Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It was Craaazzzy!

Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day at school. So the boys went as Mr. T and Mr. Freeze. They loved every second of the craziness.
And these are supposed to be their crazy faces...

 Oakley wanted to participate up until it was time to do her hair. First she said she wanted it all ratted, so I ratted all her hair. Then she started freaking out because she thought people wouldn't like it. We tried different things with the same result. Soon she was in tears. This is finally what she agreed too. If things are this dramatic now, can you imagine what is to come? Drama, Drama, Drama.

 It was difficult to do anything with her hair since the first thing we did was rat it, but the big pig tail balls worked and she ended up loving it in the end.
Here is to our first successful Crazy Hair Day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ogden Marathon

Trent ran the Ogden Marathon over the weekend. So, we packed up the kids to watch him finish. We got a great spot where the kids could see the finish line.
 Aiden was not happy at the time of this picture.
 But Brooke and I were.
 And a full shot of The Hoard anxiously awaiting their Dad's arrival.
 And unfortunately they sent the Marathoners down the other side of the finish stretch, so it made it more difficult to see Trent. He ran most the marathon with his running friend Brett. They even crossed the finish line together. Isn't that sweet? ;)
 The Machine and The Supporters.
 A better picture of the two finishers.
Trent did amazing as always and came in 13th. And if the marathon wasn't enough for the day he came home and mowed the lawn, weeded the front yard, and washed windows. All because we were having his birthday bbq (which I did not take one picture of) that night and he couldn't stand to have people see weeds or dirty windows. If it were me I would have been out of commission for days afterwards. He really is a machine.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sugar Coma

Last night we had a little family gathering at Crown Burger. Jake and Candice had a long layover on their way to the Big Apple, so what better way to waste a few hours than with family and food. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the night except one. However it is a great picture.

You see my kid don't like to eat anything. So when we go out we usually don't buy them any real food because it just goes to waste. So, last night we ordered them some shakes and fries. Aiden was upset that he had to share a shake. Trent tried explaining there was no way he could eat a whole one himself anyways. And, of course, Aiden disagreed. Bing. Challenge formed. Trent said he would give Aiden $5 if he ate the whole shake himself. So, Aiden ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and earned himself $5. After he earned his reward he had quite the stomach ache and slowly slipped into a sugar coma.
Luckily Grandma was there to help him get through it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meeting Mason

 We were able to meet Mason the day after he was born. My kids were so excited when I told them they would be able to see him. They love babies and new cousins. And I am not gonna lie, I was just as excited.  
 Cameron is going to be an excellent dad. You can just tell how much he loves this little guy already.

And Jill is going to be an excellent mom. Plus she has had the practice raising my children. She lived with us when Oakley, Paige, and Morgan were born and helped. a. lot.

We were also lucky enough to have a special visit the other day. Can you believe Jill and Cameron are already out and about? Seriously. I think it took us a while to go anywhere with our babies. That's how amazing these guys are.

The kids were out playing in the water when our visitors arrived, but gladly took a break to hold Mason for the first time.
Congratulations Jill and Cameron! We couldn't be happier for you guys. Thanks for sharing cute little Mason with us!

And here is to another stay at home mom to hang out with. ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Retreat

We went to the cabin for Mother's Day and it was Heavenly.
 The kids were so excited and enjoyed every minute. And, of course, a favorite is always reading the gross things in the Fear Factor book and the amazing things in Ripley's Believe it or Not.
 I escaped to enjoy a little sun on my face in the hammock.
 And was joined by Paige.

 And then Morgan.
 We made a fire for some serious marshmallow roasting.
 And had the perfect opportunity to get a picture of the 2 moms.
 And the people that make Mother's Day possible.
 We tried to get a picture of the amazing sun behind us. Didn't work out too well.

 And Luke and Kim decided to do the cheesy heart/sun thing. Ahhh.
After all the picture taking the fire was just perfect for roasting marshmallows and making smores.

 The next day, actually Mother's Day, Kim and I wanted to take a nap so Luke took all the kids and made a fort. It has a door and roof and is the perfect size for these hoodlams. Oliver was there, but he wanted no part of the picture.

After the cabin we went straight to my parents house for dinner and I got to spend the evening with one of the best moms around.
Happy Mother's Day to all! I have so many amazing mothers to look up to and learn from. Hope you all had a great day!

Friday, May 11, 2012


We went to the new Natural History Museum this week for a field trip. That building is HUGE. The kids had a great time running around and learning. Oliver was a bit afraid of the dinosaurs, so it was hard to get him to stand here for a picture.
 We went up to the top of the building and looked at the whole valley. Pretty cool.
 And since the museum was right on the same street as Brooke's work we stopped in for a quick visit, which turned into lunch at Costa Vida. Loved getting to have some Brooke time, which is getting less and less these days...;)
Overall it was a good time, but I am always glad to be back home. I hate crowds and having to count heads every 2 minutes. My kids can separate into different rooms in a blink of an eye.

And a big shout out to Jill and Cameron who had a baby boy yesterday! I would have done a post about that, but alas I haven't even seen them yet. I am hoping today is my day. Congrats you guys!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kim's BDay Celebrations

We had the amazing opportunity to hang out with Kim on her birthday. We hit up 5 guys for dinner, which was delicious. Kim and I forgot to get a picture there, so we did a SP in the back of the car.
 Next we viewed the Avengers. Kim and Luke were those people that wore matching shirts and screamed and woot wooted at the movie. Just kidding. The didn't scream nor did they woot woot, but they did wear matching shirts.
Even though we were a subdued group the whole theater was super loud and obnoxious. Trent said it was like seeing Twilight with a bunch of 14 year old girls, but with 23 year old comic book geeks. The crowd really did ruin it for us, but nonetheless I thought it was a great show and can't wait to watch it in our theater. My favorite Mark Ruffalo. Love him. And the rest of the men weren't bad too watch either.

And the bonus of the night was running into Jill and Cameron in the same theater. Always a treat to get to see those two. And I may or may not have heard Cameron screaming when Thor showed up. ;)

Thanks Kim and Luke for inviting us to celebrate! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kim!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


All my kids love to get the mail, Paige and Morgan especially. I  love the extra help. I mean, it is a lot easier to pick up multiple piles of mail throughout the kitchen than making one stop at the mailbox....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Birthday!

Yesterday we had a little celebration at for Jill's Birthday. And what better place to have it than Training Table. Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun. Yes indeed.
Hope your day was spectacular Jill!

And a big thanks to Mike who watched Paige and Morgan so I could have a kidless meal. It was fantastic.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The girls had a field trip yesterday to Wheeler Farm. They always learn a lot from Mrs. Eggett. She is the best. They even learned where Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler used to go potty.
 We got to go on a tractor ride.

 And see some animals. The baby sheep were the cutest, they were only 2 weeks old.
 We learned how to be a blacksmith.
 And even got to feed the ducks.

 And the best part? Trent and I got to hang out all morning while the kids had fun running around and learning.