Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Trent and I are different. He is fit, tidy, and a little OCD. I am not so fit, not so tidy, and pretty far from OCD. I was looking at our room this morning and I wondered how Trent can stand to live with me. Although, its a little embarrassing, I am going to post proof of our differences.

First up, our sides of the bed. Mine still has the evidence of my shopping spree from last week, our overnight bag (that never actually got used) still packed, 2 pair of pajama pants, and books piled on the nightstand. And just to make it not AS embarrassing, it isn't always this messy on my side. Don't get me wrong, its usually messy, just not this messy.
Now here is Trent's side. Nothing out of place, no piles of anything on the nightstand, and definitely no shopping bags.
Next up, our closets. I have to deep clean my closet once a week because I am such a slob. I just drop my old clothes on the floor, leave the shoes off the shelves, and, sometimes, I even have clean clothes on the floor because I am too lazy to hang them up...

And then theres Trent's. Everything hung up and straight, shoes in the right place, and clothes neatly folded.

And one last piece of evidence. Can you tell whose towel is whose?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yesterday We...

Went shopping with the amazing coupon, Sarah, gave us. Thanks Sarah....
Played at the fountains....

Went to Mars....
And the moon....
Had lunch at Jason's Deli....
with the all you can eat ice cream cones....

Finally got around to watching the season finale of Grey's and HOLY COW....

And finished the night off watching the last of Season 4 Dexter. A BIGGER HOLY COW!!!
It was an awesome day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


...day of kindergarten.

I don't know who was more excited the boys or me.
Of course our first day of school pics. The highlight of the morning was, not the pics, but the blessings Trent gave the boys. The boys were so proud of their blessings and I was proud of my boys and that I have a husband that can give blessings.
Aiden and his cheeser smile.

Andrew and his cheeser smile.
The boys ran all the way to school and were loving it until they had to sit threw Hitler's assembly. Their principal is kind of scary and thats saying something, because our house is known as a Nazi Camp. The good news is their teachers rocks. I just can't wait until school really starts next week!
...soccer game!
Which the boys loved as well. And it was hilarious to watch. We've got to teach our boys some killer instincts. I guess they are too use to playing with their little sisters.
I love them in their soccer uniforms though. They are pretty darn cute.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yard Sale

We had a huge yard sale on Saturday and it was awesome. It was fun to hang out with my fellow dejunking buddies, haggle with the shoppers, and get rid of a lot of stuff. Although, I needed a little instructions on pricing my items,but in the end I was a pro and we came away with a load of cash. What is not to love about getting money for your junk?
No one made an offer on either of us. Luckily we already have awesome husbands.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Addin a little "Spice" to my life

Posh Spice that is.
I took this pic with me to my hair cut appt and came out looking like this:

Now if only her body came with the cut.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

There's No Place Like Pom Pom's

After Grey's we stopped at Pom Pom's for a visit and there really is no place like Pom Pom's.
It's just as hard to get Pom Pom to look and smile at the camera as it is my kids, but we succeeded.

Of course we fed the horses while we were there. My kids can't get enough of feeding horses. And I love the bottom right picture with Aiden laughing at the horse eating the grass he picked.
However, the next visit to Pom Pom's will have to include her famous pancakes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flower Power

Paige and Morgan turned 3 over the weekend. We had a flower power birthday. The girls were pretty excited.
Still can't believe my youngest are 3.
Here are the attendees. Thanks to both families for making the trek and celebrating with us.

The treasure hunt. Always a favorite of the kids. Walmart was having a clearance in party favors, so the kids scored this year.

Present time. Everyone is always so nice to bring gifts. Paige and Morgan got spoiled.

The flower garden. I wasn't in the mood to spend forever on a cake that nobody eats. So we did the delicious oreo ice cream dessert.
It was a great party, with delicious food, and good company. Paige and Morgan are so lucky to have so many people that love them. And we are so lucky to have 2 of the cutest girls in our family! Happy Birthday Girls!!!
p.s. Paige and Morgan are loving their new helmets and "scootings."

Friday, August 13, 2010


I was at Ross and I found these beauties for the boys. On Clearance. And 2 pair. That never happens. Aiden has been asking to run a race with his dad for months and now he can....in style.

Andrew, Trent, Aiden

They all went running yesterday morning. Andrew made it a few houses up and said, "Running is the stupidest thing ever," and turned around and came home. Aiden made it around the whole block. Looks like Aiden really is made from Trent's mold.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Greys River.10

As I said before, every year my family goes camping up in Greys River, WY. And it is REAL camping. You know the "dig a hole to poop" kind. And wouldn't you know this is exactly when Paige decided to get potty trained. I think we dug 25 holes a day for her. Fun.

My mom wanted to get family pics while everyone was in town. It has been a while since our last session. We all liked the idea of having a non traditional family photo shoot. Most people get matching outfits, new haircuts, spend all day getting ready, and finding the perfect background.

Well, in true Veigel fashion, We took pictures after 3 days of camping, no showers, half the kids in swim suits, and in the back of a truck (which I still think is a perfect background). You have already seen our funny shot, which I love. Here is the cousin shot.

Bottom row: Oliver, Avery, Paige, Oakley, Morgan, Jackson
Top row: Andrew, James, Aaron, Sarah, Aide.

And here is the serious family shot. I need to crop and edit it, but after almost 2 hours of doing this post I didn't have it in me.

Bottom row: Luke, Me, Trent, Oliver, Avery Paige, Oakley, Morgan, Jackson, Mom, Dad
Middle row: Kimmy, Andrew, James, Aaron, Sarah, Aiden
Top row: Emily, Cade, Jake, Becky

Now on to the camping experience. Here are just some shots from around camp.

Hanging around camp was real nice. The kids would just explore and the adults would sit around and talk. In between taking care of the little kids that is.

When we were up there we would run every morning. I think I had the best runs of my life on that dirt road. Becky and I ran 4.5 miles the first morning and were shocked when we found out we ran that far. I have only been running 2-3 miles a day to try and get my IT band back in order.

And here is the machine. He runs 4.5 miles on his days off from real running.

Campfires and Smores. We did this every night. And by the last night we refused to let our kids do them. Cleaning 5 kids after every marshmallow toast is not too fun for the adults. Maybe if they would eat like a normal human being it wouldn't be as bad.

Poor Paige and Oakley got sick up there. Luckily it was only a 12 hour bug and luckily we caught the throw up every time.

Here is another favorite pic of mine. We have one just like it from last year.

My mom in her glory. Her and Emily brought up a whole preschool for the kids. It was heavenly. My kids love Grandma Hoggie and Aunt Emily.

Every day we would all load up and tube down the river. we have sooo many pics. I really need to go through and delete half of them.
The first day all the boys went and the next day all the girls went. It was awesome. Although we did have a near death experience and almost lost Emily down the river. We laughed hard about it later when we told the story around the campfire. Although the boys said they couldn't understand my blubbering through my laughter. Trent said I sounded like a squealing pig trying to tell a story.

Here are the kids. Such good times. Most the kids loved it. I would say my girls were not so fond of it though.

Here is a pic of the original boys in the family. It truly is an amazing shot because they are all smiling. My dad and Cade never smile and Luke is usually acting like a goof. Jake is the only one that smiles good for shots.

Murphy Lake:

We always go to Murphy Lake while we are there. The kids love the shallow water, the "beach," canoeing, rafts, and tubing.

The rope swing. It was pretty stinking high. I am surprised my boys went on it. They are on Trent's back in the bottom right pictures.

And here is how we slept every night. Aren't they cute all lined up?
So overall, I would give our Grey's River Trip 2 thumbs up, which I couldn't do in a self portrait shot.
A big shout out to my mom and dad who provide most the food AND cook it for us. They are amazing. And thanks to everyone who helped with the Hoard. Life is much easier for us with more adults around.
Here's to next year!