Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just some Pics of some Events

I was downloading my camera today and found some pics I hadn't blogged about. So I thought I better get my recent activities written in history.

A couple weeks ago I went to my cousin Sami's reception. It was at a cool park in Draper. Trent was running the Wasatch Back, so I had to go by myself with the Hoard. The reception was so pretty, the decor cute, the cake amazing, and, of course, the bride was beautiful.

For the couples 'sign in book' they had all the guests take pictures, like the one below. They printed out a copy to put in their book and one you could take home. It was a cute idea. My pic obviously didn't turn out as well as others, but you get the idea.
I love Andrew and Oakley in the last pic. You may have to enlarge to see it.
This is my cousin Mandi. She takes the cake when it comes to making cakes. Ha! If you want to see pictures of the wedding and the amazing cake she made go here.
Last week I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants with some of my favorite people. Chili's and my in-laws are a good combination. Nothing beats Chilis thin, thin chips and their delish salsa!

Jill (brown and beautiful from her 2 week honeymoon!), Maga, Jamie, Heidi, Teri, me. (By the way, all my in-laws are beautiful, not just Jill. Don't you think?)
A company Trent 'works' with gave him 2 tickets to the Real Soccer game on Friday. The best parts were the super close parking and the free food. Free hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, popcorn, drinks, and ice cream sandwiches. It was awesome.

Steve, Cercee, Me, and Trent. This guy works for the company that gave Trent the tickets, so who better to take to the game with us. Funniest part of the night was when they were kicking balls into the stands and Steve was daydreaming and a ball landed right next to him. Cercee and I were screaming at him to turn around and grab it. Luckily, he woke up from his dream and got the ball.
Thats all for now. Coming up will be pics of my green thumb, pea picking, sprinkler running, and maybe some hilarious pics of my boys. Still can't decide if I should post those pics or not. Could be controversial.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Splish Splash

The Giant Slip 'n Slide

Yesterday we headed to Heidi's to do the worlds largest slip 'n slide. The kids had a blast.

James and Josh



Morgan & others

Paige and others.
Always a good time with Heidi and the boys. Can't wait to do it again! If you'd like to see more fun go to Heidi's blog here.


The Pool

Last week we were finally able to get the pool out in the backyard.

Love this shot of my girls.

Oliver, my 6th child
Morgan would not leave the hose alone.
Paige attempting the slide. I think after going head first, she ended up not liking the slide too much.
Oakley loves the pool...when the boys aren't in it to splash her.
Andrew thought this was a great time/pose for a picture. So I took one.

Aiden LOVED going down the slide over and over....as long as we were taking his 'splash' picture.

The Hoard. I had to get a pic of all of them together in their matching blue and white suits.

Me and Kimmy.

Me and My Hoard.
Cade, Emily, Sarah, Aaron, & Avery showed up after I put the camera away. Next time I will get them in some pics. Kimmy did get some pics of them and more splashes. If you want to see more go here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Learning from the best

Trent and I are pretty lucky to have Kimmy as our own Personal Massage Therapist. And Paige and Morgan have watched many times as she works out the knots. The other day they decided to give each other massages. Trent said they actually did pretty good and did some of Kimmy's excellent moves on each other.

Paige working on Morgan:

Morgan working on Paige.

Maybe we will have 2 more massage therapists to work on us in the future. I am sure Kimmy would love the help. We keep her pretty busy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

YW Hike

Yesterday we went on a hike for YW camp certification. It was awesome. I love hiking and should do it at least once a week. It was a great workout.
This was the view at the start of our hike. Amazing.
We have a good bunch of girls and leaders. Makes Young Womens a blast. A few of us ran all the way back down the trail. It rocked. Made me sad I was missing the Wasatch Back this weekend. Maybe someday.
Oh, and I just downloaded Shontelle's 'Impossible" single. I don't know what it is about this song, but I LOVE it. If I knew how to put it in this post I would. You should check it out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I {Love} Potty Training-2

Need I say more......again???

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play Date

We are having regular play dates through out the summer to avoid being committed. We always have a good time with this crew. Last week we decided to go to Wheeler Farm. Always a good time and you can't beat FREE.
The cousins were all having a great time. However, Annie, DID NOT like getting her picture taken. At one photo stop she was literally shaking. Poor girl. Still a very cute pic with some very cute kids in it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bear Lake Races 2010

We (Trent, Kimmy, and I) ran in the Bear Lake races over the weekend. We have come to LOVE the races we run up there. We love having a night away from kids (thanks Brooke), running, and gorging ourselves at Firehouse Pizza afterwards. Such a glorious weekend. Here is a quick recap of the events.
Trent did amazing, as usual. He came in 1st overall in the marathon. He even ran it 7 minutes faster than last year.
Here he is getting his 'trophy.' Pretty awesome if you ask me. And I think Trent looks amazingly hot in this pic.

Not a fan of myself in this pic, but it was the only one we had of me and Trent.

Kimmy and I ran the 10K. I almost died. Really. But the good news is my foot didn't hurt. Wish I could say the same for my cursed knee! And Kim did awesome for her first race ever! We are still waiting for them to post the results, otherwise I would give you all our times and such.
We really do love this race and are already looking forward to next year. Anyone else want to join in the fun?
And maybe, just maybe, I won't be injured. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Successful Cohabitaion

Brooke's room is done (mostly). I don't know who is more happy, Trent, me, or Brooke. Probably Trent. As I said before, Trent never stopped working on this room. Last Thursday night Trent worked all through the night, right up until the carpet guy came on Friday morning. Which my kids called a giant. Trent continued to stay awake all day celebrating Jill's wedding. I don't know how he does it.

Here is the semi-final product. Trent still has to do the crown moldings, but he is taking a break for now.

So on to the glorious story of Brooke's first week with us. It has been heavenly AND life saving. Seriously, here is the proof:
  • We had a work party for Trent on Saturday night and I was sitting in the kitchen THAT afternoon and realized we didn't even think about getting a babysitter. We were to worked up on getting the kids watched for Jill's wedding dinner on Friday that it never crossed our minds. Well, Brooke was sitting by me when I realized this and she willingly said she would watch the kids. Life saving act number one.
  • The next morning we were getting ready to go to Maisy's baby blessing. I was running behind and hadn't gotten to the girl's hair yet. Brooke stepped in without even being asked and did all 3 of my girls' hair. Life saving act number two.
  • I plugged my good old straightener in that same morning, the red light came on, and I proceeded with other things while it was heating up. The only problem was it never did heat up. I had 10 minutes until we had to go. Brooke let me borrow her straightener so I didn't look like a hobo for the blessing. Life saving act number 3.
  • Sunday night we had a party at our house with some of Trent's old neighborhood friends. We had a great time with some great food. While we were all out on the deck chatting it up Brooke cleaned the whole kitchen. The whole thing. And after that, she played with the kids. Seriously. Life saving act number 4.
  • Brooke will come home from work at night and play with my kids. After a long day of kid watching for myself, it is so nice to sit and watch someone make my kids happy. Life saving act number 5.
  • Just having Brooke around is fun. She is the funniest person I know. She makes me happy, which is a great thing these days. It will be good to have another girl, or should I say woman, in the house. I love having someone to hang out with, get opinions from, and vent to. Life saving act number 6.

So if the next 2 years are as good as the first week we are going to be living a great life here at the Hoard. And Brooke will be here for 2 years (at least). Then all my kids will be in school and I can sit on the couch, watch HGTV, and enjoy the calmness that surrounds me. Aaahh. Now that will be heavenly.....and maybe just a little bit sad.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrity Sound Alikes

Aiden and Andrew whine a lot. All our kids do, but when Aiden and Andrew whine they sound exactly like some movie stars.

First up Andrew. He sounds just like Russell from Up! Russell is hilarious in the show and is what makes me LOVE UP! However, Andrew isn't as cute and funny when he is whining....

Here is how Andrew sounds when he whines.

Next up Aiden. He sounds exactly like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. It is pretty hilarious.

I found a sample of the line we always say to Aiden when he starts whining. For some reason Aiden doesn't find it as funny as we do. The video I found is dumb, but you gotta love the line.

"Your mom goes to college."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jill's Wedding

Yesterday was Jill & Cameron's BIG Day. The weather cooperated, the Bride and Groom were beautiful and handsome, everyone was color coordinated, and the family was all together. It was an awesome day.
The kids were so excited to see Jill. They waited and waited for them to come out. And isn't Jill just beautiful? And lets not forget how good Cam looks too!

I LOVE this picture of us. I love our clothes, the positions, and, of course, how cute my kids are. And I am so happy that everyone is looking at the camera!

COUSINS! These guys love any excuse to get together.

Almost all of them. Little Maisy isn't in the pic. Maybe when she gets a little older we will do a cousin pic.....but maybe not. We tried multiple times to get a pic with everyone. Not good.

Jill had her wedding dinner in Maga's (Trent's grandma) backyard. It was so beautiful. The decorations and atmosphere were awesome. Heres another attempt at a family pic. Love this one as well. I consider a picture a success if everyone is looking at the camera and you can (mostly) see every face. Smiles are just an added bonus!

The Furious Five

Trent and I. We are going to be celebrating our 10th anniversay this year. I hope Jill and Cameron will have as good a marriage as we have.
Congrats Jill and Cameron!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working Holiday

We didn't have much of a weekend.

Trent spent all of his time here:
And here:

While I was on this:

When I wasn't working, I was weeding here:

Trent has worked on Brooke's room all weekend. I was on call all weekend. So, we didn't have much of a Holiday at all. Actually, Trent has been working nonstop on the room for 2 weeks and I am always on call. Why? Brooke moves in on Saturday.....and we need money to pay for the remodel. And the weeds are just ugly.
And just a side note: Trent learned how to refinish all the wood himself. Just add it to the list of things that make him amazing. Don't the doors look good? They are leaning on the wall in the garage if you didn't see them.