Monday, April 30, 2012

We had Oakley's Chocolate Birthday Bash last Friday. Everything was chocolate, even the invitations.

And all the decorations.

The games all included chocolate.
Carrying the M&M's with a spoon and no hands, which was boys against girls. And the girls triumphed.

Throwing the bag of chocolate into the loops. 
And pinning the M on the M&M.
We had 21 children at this party, so present time was utter chaos. Seriously, the pictures are blurry because the kids would not stop moving.

Next up, brownies with candles.

And a Birthday Wish
Ice creams and brownies for some.

And to finish the party off we had a treasure hunt, which is a must in my kid's minds.
And they are off. They kept coming, and coming, and coming. Still can't believe how many kids we had at our house.
It was basically Oakley's whole kindergarten class.

And she couldn't have been happier.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Oakley had a fantastic birthday yesterday. It all started with a pancake breakfast, with the added perk of licking the beaters.

 She even got a number 6 pancake.
 After a filling breakfast of just one pancake, she was able to open her birthday present from The Hoard.
 Her very own Rollerblades. She had been wearing Trent's old ones around and we thought we better prevent a broken leg and get ones that actually fit.
 We took the girls to preschool and thought it the perfect opportunity to get our nails done. Oakley was so excited, but nervous at the same time.

 She wasn't too sure about this strange guy clipping and painting her nails.

 But he did a fantastic job and she even got flowers, which she absolutely loves.
 Afterwards we took her and her friends to Arella's for some lunch. It was a crazy meal full of goofing off and fun.
 And what better way to celebrate than with her best friends.
 And some free ice cream. I enjoyed the berries and the kids enjoyed the cream.
 After lunch I dropped the kids off at school and was able to take donuts and apple juice to her class. Unfortunately no pictures of that. But Oakley got a huge envelope of cards from all her classmates. She loved every second of it.

Then came her soccer game wear BOTH teams sang Happy Birthday to her. Once again she was in Heaven.

Loved spending so much time with Oakley on her special day. And who knows what she is doing with her smile here...
And believe it or not the celebrating didn't end there. She had some fun with Brooke and Grandma Teri that night (which hopefully Brooke will send me pictures so I can blog about it). And she just got to go shopping with Grandma Holly this afternoon and picked out more treasures. She is one lucky girl.

Happy Birthday Oaks!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We found a set of books that the boys just love to read. They are called the Magic Tree House and they really are magic. It is no longer a fight to get these 2 to read anymore. They actually read themselves to sleep now.

Aiden does have a bed, he says that the floor is just really comfortable.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Bash

We celebrated Granpda Brad's and Maisey Mo's birthday on Sunday. These two are awesome.

We had a delicious spread of food with a lot of fun people to eat it with. There were a lot of Jensens in the house.
And presents galore! My girls were kind of crowding around. They were so excited to see what they were getting.

It was a great night and we wish them both a Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

Wow. This is a post and a half. We decided to have a Staycation, which we don't do very often. It felt weird to not head down South, but we tried to fill the days with fun stuff at home.

First on the list was dyeing eggs. We did this Saturday night while the boys were at Priesthood. The kids (and my mom and Jill) all had a great time. We dyed a little over 4 dozen eggs. And we are still trying to eat the leftovers...

Monday was a day for me. I was finally able to see The Hunger Games. I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked it. And what was the best part? The amazing fountain drink dispenser. It had 5 different flavors of Coke. Of course I chose vanilla.

Tuesday we hit up the Zoo with the rest of the state of Utah. We met a bunch of friends and had a great time making our way through the crowds.

And, as always, the rides were the hit of the day.

Wednesday we had the Bentleys and Neiders join us for an Egg Hunt. The kids love their cousins...and egg hunts.

Then the party continued with James and Josh sleeping over. A movie and popcorn are perfect ingredients for a good time.

Thursday we just hung out and by the end of the day I needed an out. We hit up Training Table for dinner. I can't get enough of their cheese fries.

Friday we decided to go back to the Theater with the amazing fountain drinks and see The Lorax. After I used the kids college savings to purchase tickets, candy, popcorn, and drinks we settled in for the show.

Not my favorite Disney movie, but we still had a good time. And I got to hang out with my friend Johnny for a while.

Friday night Trent and I were able to enjoy a date night. We hit up Olive Garden and then headed over to REI to spend some of our dividend. This is always a favorite for us. Whats better than getting cool REI gear for free? I walked away with a running shirt and a new swim suit.

Saturday afternoon I got a call from my friend Lindsey. She was in need of a night out and I don't say no to nights out if I can help it. We dined at Settabello's and ate enough for 4 people, but I don't regret one bite. It was delicious. Afterwards we decided to go check out City Creek. I had a gift card burning a whole in my wallet from Christmas, so we ventured in to Nordstroms and I came out with my very first Toms and Havaianas. I had to get 2 pair of Toms, because you know they donate a pair for every one bought. So, I had to do it for the children. Thanks Brad for the gifts...the children thank you too.

So, there you have it. Our Spring Break. We had a lot of fun, but I was ready for school to start again. The next question is, What are we going to do all summer?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Track Running

Yesterday I decided to sleep in instead of get up and run. I always feel guilty the rest of the day when I miss a run, so later that morning I packed the girls up with their bikes and headed to the track to get my run in. The girls wanted to do poses with the B, which they all informed me stands for Brooke.

They also wanted a little running action.

While they rode their bikes, played in the "sand box," ran around, and picked dandelions, I ran 5 miles. Can I say running 5 miles around a track is now on my hate list. But I survived and got my run in and that is what's important.

And since I was running at a tremendous rate my hair got crazy and fluffy with the wind. ; )

And these pictures were taken with my phone again. We are not liking our new camera, so we ordered a different one. One of these days I will have a little camera to pack around, but until then you get the grainy, blurry pics.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Day

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday. It really couldn't have been better. The kids woke up so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left them. And, yes, sometimes my kids do sleep in their clothes. I am a great Mother.

First up, the baskets.
Next, the egg hunt.

Finally, checking out their loot.

As always, the Easter Bunny left some new clothes for the kids. We got ready, very quickly. 9 o'clock church is hard to get to on time, especially with Easter festivities.

We did a lot of relaxing after church and then headed out to Dodee and Papa's for some delicious food and awesome Easter hunt.

The girls got jump ropes and it was awesome to watch them "jump rope."

And one final picture of the day. The Jensen girls.

Now we have lots of candy to eat before the next party. As soon as we get rid of candy from the previous party/holiday the next one is upon us. We will see if we can get rid of everything before Oakley's Chocolate Birthday Party in a few weeks....