Friday, August 31, 2012

Weeding for Money

Trent told the kids if they wanted to earn some money they could cut down all our ferns in our yard. So my kids went to town.

They cut and cleaned the yard for 2 straight hours.

They filled six 33 gallon garbage bags.

And removed every fern.

Since they worked so hard and long we went to the gas station and picked a treat. Which is a big deal at our house. I rarely buy stuff for my kids at gas stations and they LOVED it.
So proud of my working kids.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


The kids got to meet their cousin Daisy the other night. They were so excited.
She is one cute puppy.
And I so wish we had Morgan trying desperately to get away from her only to keep falling. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

And congrats to Ben and Brooke for their new addition. You can bring her by anytime!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Morning

 We had a great morning yesterday. I came home from my run to the girls learning how to be Princesses from Barbie. They even put their crowns on for the occasion. And Andrew still gets excited when the girls wear the crowns he gave them. Love it.

Aiden play with legos for a good hour. That is a long time for any of my kids to do anything.

Andrew found spooky Halloween things on the internet to draw in his sketch book.

And since the kids were being so good. I got to have a nice hot bath complete with my "dirt" mask Candice gave me for Christmas. Love that stuff.

And any Jensens, do I remind you of anyone? Think U of U football games. ;)

And Aiden's creations now watch over us in the kitchen.

I wish every morning was as easy as this one.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hobble Creek Half

Now on to the actual race. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning. I usually question myself when my alarm (Trent) wakes me up.

We picked up a car load of other crazies and headed down to the race.

We picked up our packets, loaded a bus, and headed up the canyon.

Here is a shot of the race participants. Cameron, Trent, Ben, Brad, Jamie, Amy, Kimmy, Lindsey, Annie aka Heidi Bentley.

It was a fantastic race. I absolutely love, love this course.
Here are the shots of the finishers. Unfortunately we don't have one of Annie, because our cheer section didn't know she was such a speed demon and completely missed her.

Trent the machine.

Me and Jocee. I met up with her halfway through the race and it made the second half fly by as we talked the whole way.

Ben, who still owes me a Cafe Rio dinner.

Cameron who was only 1/4 Forest Gump at this race.
 Jamie. She is the one in the bright orange tank top. ;)

Brad. Who says 60 isn't the perfect age to run your first marathon.

Lindsey, my fabulous Saturday running partner.

Kimmy, who looks way too happy to have just ran 13 miles.

I was very happy with my time of 1:42:20 and even made it in the top 100 women.

Another group shot with some other finishers in there. Everyone did fabulous and it was so much fun having so many people to run with!

Our friends Brick and Jocee were also there running. Like I said Jocee saved me for the second half of the race.

And another shot of the crew that made it home with us.

Can't wait to see what the next race will bring.
Red Rock Relay here we come!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dude, Where's My Car?

Kim, Lindsey, and I decided to get prepared for our Hobble Creek Half by having a Carbillac'n night. First up we hit up Spanky's for the carb part of the night.

Seriously the best veggie sub out there.

Then after dinner we were going to head out to do the shellac part of the night. We went out to get in our cars and Kim's parking spot was empty. See right next to my jeep, no car.

It had rolled all the way around that cement curb into the bushes.

At first we couldn't see it when we came out, but eventually spotted it 60 feet away.

Luckily it missed the light pole by a foot and had a small tree to stop it from continuing all over the parking lot.

It was seriously one of the most funny things ever. Lindsey and I were laughing so hard. Kim was laughing too, but probably not has hard as us.
We finally made it to the salon to finish our night with some cute shellac nails. This is a first for me and I am already loving how long it is lasting without getting chipped.

Thanks girls for a delicious, hilarious, and relaxing night.
Next up the actual race!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Bash!

As you can tell I am trying really hard to get caught up on my blogging. We have had so many fun things happen in the past few weeks. One of the funnest was Paige and Morgan's birthday party. As I said before they turned 5 and so far have loved being 5 year olds.

We rented a giant water slide again and had it for 2 nights and a full day. We definitely got our moneys worth out of it. The kids hardly stopped playing on it.

And this year it came with a cotton candy machine, which was a huge hit. And I was being a cotton candy monster if you were wondering.

We had a lunch of pizza, watermelon, and fruit barrels for drinks with swedish fish, sour patch kids, sour patch watermelons and peanut M & M's for the appetizers-all of Paige and Morgan's favorite things.

Then we had presents. The girls once again got spoiled by all those came. Thanks for everyone for making their day so special!
Andrew even picked out his own present with his own money.

And so did Aiden. He picked out the cutest bracelets that matched the crowns perfectly. The boys were so excited and it was the sweetest thing to watch.

Then we had a treasure hunt which is always a favorite for the kids. However, knowing us, there are always rules. ;)

I love the the train of kids that came running around the corner.

 And last to finish the party up we had brownies and oreo ice cream dessert. Love the photo bomb from Josh too.

And another birthday party completed. I love the fact that I only have to plan 3 a year. One benefit of having 2 sets of twins.
Happy Birthday Paige and Morgan!

Friday, August 24, 2012


We got the girl's ear's pierced last week. They were super excited and picked out their own bling.

Morgan went first and didn't cry at all. She wanted to, but didn't.

Oakley went second and cried, I think mostly out of fear because later she said it didn't hurt that bad.

 After Oakley cried Paige started freaking out. She covered her ears and screamed and I mean really screamed. Eventualy Kim and I had to hold her down while this really nice and patiend man pierced her ears. She immediately stopped crying as soon as it was over.

All 3 of them love their new pierced ears and show everyone we meet. And they are even so good about the daily cleaning. They bring the Q Tips and cleanser right to me.

And to think I thought my girls couldn't get any cuter. ;)