Thursday, March 31, 2011

Popcorn Popping

Every conference we make a handout for the girls to remind them to watch or listen to it. It is always accompanied with a treat. This year our amazing president wanted something to do with the Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree song. So, I changed up the lyrics to the song to fit conference. Its so cheesy it makes me laugh every time. And so does the rough sketch of the popcorn kernel.
After 6 batches of kettle corn we had our handouts. The "purple" popcorn didn't turn out the color I wanted, but what can you do when you are mixing food coloring to get a certain color.
And here you can read the amazing lyrics. I may or may not be the next Andrew Loyd Weber.

I'm just saying.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Was the Best of Times, it Was the Worst of Times

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of doing some thrift shopping. Actually, it wasn't my idea. I was inspired by this blog here. I had just dropped Oakley off at gymnastics, so I thought it would be the perfect timing, seeing how I would only have 3 kids to deal will, instead of the usual 6. And where else would I start besides the DI? I know there are other places and probably much better places, but this lovely store is the closest to me and I only had 40 mins to spend perusing (including drive time).

Things started off great, which is obviously part of the "best of times" title. My first stop was the belts, where I found 3 awesome belts (and the cashier gave me each one for only fifty cents). But as soon as I put the belts in the cart things turned bad. The kids were fighting over the belts, climbing in and out of the cart, screaming, crying, getting into my purse, and teasing each other. The reason this is blog worthy is because my kids were uncontrollable. Usually I can somewhat control them while I am shopping but yesterday was HORRIBLE. I am sure every mom was wondering what I was doing being a mom. I just gave them the look of, "I agree with you all 100%."

Between Oliver's screaming/crying fits and time outs (I placed him on the wall at one point and walked away. I seriously considered leaving him there, but seeing how he isn't mine I didn't have the legal right to put a price tag on him and set him on display) and Paige's sudden urge that she might pee her pants, I had waisted most of my shopping time.

Right after taking the kids to the bathroom, which always ruins any shopping trip (I HATE public bathrooms with multiple little kids to keep from laying on the ground, touching anything and everything, helping them go, washing hands, and getting out of there without touching the door handle) a miracle of miracles happened. I was looking through the little girls section and there were 3 brown shorts, exactly the same size, and exactly the same brand/style. Seriously. Who finds double or even triple of anything at the DI? I then found 3 more skirts for my girls. The best loot I have ever found at this store.

Then the worst of the worst happened. By this time Oliver was in the basket of the car and Paige in the child's seat, and I had just got done getting mad at Morgan for climbing in the clothes rack and screaming. She decided to start climbing up the side of the cart, which made the cart begin to tip over sideways. This begins the slow motion-the cart tipping over, me trying to grab it, 2 others mom's running over, the cart hitting the ground, Oliver rolling out, Paige smacking her head on the rack, clothes going everywhere, kids screaming, and me standing there wondering what the heck just happened. If not everyone in the store thought I was incapable as a mother before they sure felt it after that.

And that was the end of it. I would have just left the cart tipped over and clothes all over the ground, but you remember the miracle right? I couldn't leave my 3 glorious shorts. So, with what little control I had left I picked everything and everyone up and made my way to the cashier.

I am really surprised family services wasn't called in.

And I had to get a pic of my great stuff all for only $15 (the corduroy skirt is H & M and the bright skirts are The Children's Place), just to remind myself that what I (and my kids) went through was somewhat worth it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My kids love scary movies. They can handle most any of them. One of their favorite open scenes is from The Signs. Well, it isn't even the opening scene, just the opening credits. Here is was unfolds when it is turned.

Monday, March 28, 2011

He's So Hot Right Now

Just had to post a pic of my hot husband. I mean seriously, look at him. He is so fit it kills me.
To quote Martha May from the Grinch, "The muscles."

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Boots

Here are the boots I referred to in my Moab post. They are like nothing I have ever worn before. For one, they are a little moccasinny. For second, they have 'fur.' And for third they lace up the back. Tell me what you think. Oh, and I am wearing them with my one and only skinny jeans. You remember post 1 and post 2 right?

As you can see the tag is still attached,
so I want all your honest opinions.
Yay or Nay?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bus Field Trip & Other Things

Yesterday we rode the bus into SLC and visited Temple Square, the Beehive Home, and the Church Office building. It was a grand time and the girls thought it was the coolest thing to ride the bus.
Oakley and one of her BFF's Caroline.
Me and my girls.

It was freezing, but the girls still had fun. The temple is always an amazing place to visit.

And as you can tell it was pretty bright.

Paige, Caroline, Morgan, Oakley
After the field trip we picked Oliver up, waited for the boys and their friend to get home from school, hurry and did lunch, then went on a walk to enjoy the awesome sunshine.

It was such a nice day. Loved being outside. And it definitely got warmer as the day progressed.

The kids still wanted to be outside, so we went to the park to play and burn off energy.
Play they did, but they still had tons of energy afterwards. Its never ending.
Oakley, Aiden, Paige, Morgan, Andrew, Liliana.

While they played I soaked up as much warmth and sun as possible.

A little tan would do that face some good.
We had a great day and I can't wait for more sunshine. It was heavenly.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There's No Place Like Grandma's

Or Heidi's.

While we were in Moab we distributed The Hoard for the weekend. The girls got to go to Grandma Teri's. They waited forever on the side walk with all their stuff. They just couldn't contain their excitement.
Of course the boys got to go to Heidi's. They can't get enough of her, Big Brad, James, Josh, and Jackson. They love the Bentley House. Aiden even told me why Heidi was a fun mom and I wasn't. Because she took them to get ice cream.
Obviously, he just doesn't remember how fun I am. ;)
Thanks again to both houses that took my kids. They are a lot of work and when you already have kids it is that much more work.
Whenever your ready Heidi we will take your boys. And Teri, I guess we can take Jenny for the weekend? or Brad?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last weekend we made a kidless trip down to Moab. Trent and Kim ran in some races down there. Unfortunately, I forgot to sign up for the race, but when the wind started blowing Saturday morning I wasn't feeling too bad about it. Any runner would probably agree that wind is the worst condition to run in.

Anyways, back to our trip. As soon as we got rid of our kids the vacation started. Of course I had to document it.

We hit up Training Table for some of the best cheese fries ever created. Really, they were the best I've ever had. After the gorge fest (which was basically the theme of our trip) we went to REI to see if we could spend some of our dividend. And, of course, Kim and I had to document our purchases as well. I did get some boots that I may need the opinions of my few readers. Trent hates them, Kim likes them okay, and Luke really didn't have an opinion. But that will be another post.
We arrived in Moab, picked up race packets, shopped the expo, set up camp, ate at Moab brewery, and hit the hay. We had to be up early for the races (I did do a little run around town to make up for the fact I didn't get to race). Trent ran the half and got 25th with a time of 1.23.23. Kim ran the 5 miler and got 210th with a time of 49.55. They both did amazingly well especially with the horrible wind. And the best part-Kim stole some chocolate milk and Lay's potato chips for me, 2 of my very favorite things.

After some of us showered, we went to La Hacienda for some lunch and then hit the jeepin' trails. It always amazes me what the jeep can crawl up and I think it always amazes Trent that I still freak out when we go jeeping. We do have video of it and I am kind of a psycho.

Once you get to the top there are some pretty amazing views like this one,

and this one,

and this one, which might be my fave.

After jeepin' we went to get T-Shirts made for the kids (which is starting to be a tradition), then we had to eat some more at Pizza Hut (which was the worst service ever), hit up the grocery store for Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (which you CANNOT buy anywhere else but Moab), and called it a night again.

In the morning we slowly got up, packed up, ate some grub at MickeyD's, finished our pints of ice cream, and ended the vacation just as we started, with a little shopping.

It was a great time and I think we laughed 75% of the time. Thanks to the troops that watched The Hoard back home. Obviously we couldn't have done it without you!

And just for my own personal journal here are some of the quotes/events from the weekend. None of you will get it or even think it is funny. So feel free to skip this part.

  • "You should like IT!"
  • "Who's Lindsey?"
  • "You know, the same Lindsey."
  • "Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww."
  • "What ever we do, I'm not going back to camp empty handed."
  • Whistling the tune of "Firework" in the bathroom.
  • Watching The Sand Lady
  • Listening to Depeche Mode Number 1.....and Number 2.
  • Having Aron Rawlston's Raven follow us around Moab.
  • The surprise of finding my favorite drinks (Carnation Ready to Drink Milk Chocolate no sugar added) and my favorite ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk) in a podunk grocery store, when I can't find it in any store near me.
  • "I didn't know the wind could_____."
  • "Sure it can. Just run like this."
  • "I ordered a chicken chimichanga and I have no idea what this is."
  • "We have fifty-six DOLLARS."
  • Lesbian Lovers, the hot kind.
  • The Baja Adventure.
  • "I only scream when we go backwards."
  • Butt Burps
  • "Thats the same smell!"
  • Trent drinking the best Coke he has ever had. Ever.
  • "Since all the real runners were in the race, the streets were empty."
  • Having the exact same conversation with the TShirt guy as we did last year and realizing it half way through conversing.
  • "I have a huge one."
  • "Aaaammmy....Aaaammmmy..."
  • "Uh, I don't know that guy."
  • Popping "Sleeping Pills"
  • "Not me! I came here to get away from kids."
  • Black Night
  • "Because you look tired and have a big watch."
  • And to finish the list off with our favorite "And they would!"

Friday, March 18, 2011


I tried to get my St. Patrick's Day post done yesterday, but blogger was not letting me download pics for some reason. So here it is.

We started the morning off with a visitor from a sneaky Leprechan. He came during the night,
left his tiny green footprints on our white counter,
and a treat for the kids.

The girls couldn't understand that it was a leprechan and not Santa. But they were excited either way. And now we have a green cereal bowl for everyone. We only had one green bowl before and it is a fight every morning to see who gets to eat out of the green bowl. I think that is why my kids get up so early, so they can be the first to call it. Hopefully the leprechan has solved that problem.
More celebrating included our green christmas tree. Thats what the kids called it anyways. As you can tell, my kids love Christmas. Anyways, I didn't have a centerpiece for St. Patricks day, so I found this white wire thingy at Pier 1 Imports (I had gift card from Xmas), and I decided it might be fun for the kids think of things that they were lucky to have. We wrote them on some clovers I got at Micheals and our cute and meaningful centerpiece was born.
Some of the things on the lucky clovers are:
  • family
  • church
  • mom and dad
  • grandparents
  • house
  • jesus
  • yard
  • neighbors
  • jobs
  • school
  • gymnastics
  • kids
  • food
  • and one of my favorites, Andrew said he was lucky to be a Jensen.

And last and definitely least, the jello pudding I made to try and have a festive dinner. As you can tell it was a big hit.

90% of it went in the garbage. That'll teach me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Springtime in Utah

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon when the sun is finally out and it gets up to 55 degrees?
Lay out of course.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Passed the First Test

On Friday night we had Sarah, Aaron, and Avery over so Cade and Emily could enjoy a night out for their anniversary. We had breadsticks, pizza, and ice cream for dessert. Well, everyone except me that is. I enjoyed the pizza, but had to say NO to dessert. It wasn't too fun, but I did it.
The counter was filled with ice cream eaters. I think they all enjoyed themselves and had a great time.
And here is my lone piece of home made oreo ice cream cake. It took a lot of will power to pass this baby up.

And since that first test I have passed many others. It is amazing how much crap we eat around here. Only 39 more days to go.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patty's Parade

Brooke had the idea to go watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade today. It was at the Gateway and it was crazy crowded. I couldn't believe how many people came to see this parade.
My kids were super excited to go, but got bored pretty quickly. I guess groups of people walking down a street isn't that much fun to watch. The best part were the bag pipes. I could listen to them for hours.
And the only place we could find was on a bridge watching the parade leaving.

But I did have to get a family picture of the event.

Brooke was nice enough to invite us and Bridget's family was actually in the parade.

And of course my kids can't pass any escalators without playing on them.

Other highlights of the day included:
  • Eating at Burger King with the playground
  • Visiting Grandpa Brad and Jenny
  • Having a quiet day of work
  • Getting to work out
  • Kids riding their bikes
  • And getting to spend extra time with my fam

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I can't think of any cute or funny way to do this post, so I am just going to say it. It's Lent and this year I am giving up candy and most treats. I say most treats because I will have the occasionally treat when I attend a party, church activity, or book club. Because that is one of my biggest pet peeves-when people come to parties and don't eat anything. Hello?!? I spent all day cooking that deliciousness and you don't even partake of it?!? Not right.
I would say wish me luck, but I don't need it. I am not going to lose this challenge. The only thing I might end up losing are pounds. ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dang That Punxsutawney Phil

I am beginning to think Phil is as blind as a bat and wouldn't see his shadow if it was dancing right in front of him. So much for an early Spring. The kids couldn't be happier though. They all had to go play in the snow before school this morning.
I, on the other hand, am not so happy. Especially when I had to go out on a call in the middle of the night, in the thick of the blizzard.

And I don't think Trent is too happy either. He was up all night snow blowing and then had to wake up and do it all over again. And I have tried snow blowing with that beast of a machine. It is not as easy as Trent makes it look. But then again, Trent makes everything he does look easy.

But I can't deny how pretty our yard is with a fresh coat of snow.

So, here's to finding a new way for predicting an early Spring or 6 more weeks of winter. In the words of the Trumpster, "Punxsutawney Phil, you're fired!"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Aiden & Andrew

Since I wasn't blogging when I was having babies, I haven't recorded my kid's births and some of the early years of our parenting. And seeing how it was just Aiden and Andrew's birthday (sort of) I thought I would start with them. So here goes nothing.

First of all it took a really long time and too many procedures to count to get Aiden and Andrew here. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I was not a good person during my infertility. I was ornery, bitter, and depressed. I apologize to all who knew me for those 2 1/2 years.

But luckily In Vitro worked for us and Thing 1 and Thing 2 were on their way. You see, we didn't find out what we were having with any of our kids. It makes the birthing day THAT much more exciting. We would recommend it to anyone.

After a long pregnancy with bleeding, preterm labor, pregnancy dermatitis, and all the other fun stuff that comes with being preggo we ended up in the hospital the morning of Christmas Eve. I woke up went to the bathroom and there was a ton of blood (is that TMI?). We drove to the hospital, things were all right and they gave me medicine to stop labor and steroids for the babie's lungs. I had just entered my 34th week and the doctor wanted the babies to stay in for a couple more days for the steroids to do their job. So, yes, I spent Christmas on bedrest in the hospital. But I didn't care. That was the most relaxed I had been since we started the IV process. I had the babies monitored all the time and didn't have to worry about them. The peace of mind was heavenly.

On Sunday the 26th, the doctor came in and said it was the day for the C-Section. I had placenta previa and both boys were breach, so it was my only option. And now begins the story with pictures.

I have mentioned this several times before, but I wasn't one of those cute pregnant girls. I got big, really big. And the medication they gave me made me swell up with water too. I was not a pretty sight. Here I am right before going into surgery. Now remember this is after 2 days in the hospital, so go easy on the looks.

My mom and Trent joined me in the OR. Trent said when they rolled me on the table he couldn't believe how big I was. I am sure I looked like a beached whale. Seriously.

And we're off to become parents. I was so excited and nervous at the same time.

And since no one knew what we were having they were all waiting anxiously in the waiting room. Here is Trent making the big announcement that we had 2 healthly, but small boys.

Introducing Aiden and Andrew:

Since they were so little they went straight to the NICU and I barely got to see them as they passed them through the window. My first sight of my boys was through pics Trent took. It was awesome.

Finally, 8 hours later, I got to hold my boys. It was even more awesome and everything I imagined it would be. And I told you I was swollen. I think even my earlobes had swelled up.

They boys were in the NICU for 2 weeks. They really had no problems other than the fact that they were so tiny. Aiden was 4 lbs 7 oz and Andrew was 4 lbs 11oz. We had to feed them through feedings tubes and gradually work up to 'real' eating. The pump became my new best friend.

The boys had lots of visitors, which made the long days nice. I would put pics up of everyone, but we are already on a marathon post as it is, so Grandma Teri gets to be the lucky one.

Aiden and his slightly less swollen mom.
Andrew and his slightly cheesy dad.
And this is one of my favorite pics from the hospital. Before we took them home we had to do a trial run to make sure the boys did okay. I think they were actually testing Trent and I's parenting abilities. We rented a room and had the boys in with us for a night. Luckily we passed and finally got to go home.
We had long nights and long days, but we were happy. The boys had issues with keeping their food down and would throw up most their meals up. And when I say throw up, I really mean projectile vomit. I would get hosed a few times a day and we went through 3-4 clothe diapers per feeding. It wasn't fun.

Here is the pic I used for the boys announcement. Love Andrew's stroke smile. ;)
Now a quick glance through the years. Don't worry, we are almost done and this will be fast. And kuddos to any of you that are still reading this post.
1st Birthday 2005

2nd Birthday 2006

3rd Birthday 2007



Here are a few things about Aiden:

He loves to play the Wii. He would play all day if I let him.

He is my worst eater.

He is a climber. He can get anywhere. Trent was putting the Christmas lights up one year and all of a sudden Aiden was on the roof with him.

He is a good reader.

His favorite food is spaghetti or cereal.

His favorite color is green.

He wants to be a Jedi when he grows up.

He loves to be outside, hiking, camping, playing, and "hunting" the deer in our back yard.

He loves to be rubbed.

Andrew is our emotional boy. Very sweet, but easily annoyed.

He is our eater. he will eat most anything. The only thing he WILL NOT eat is mashed potatoes.

His favorite color is red, although I would disagree and say green.

He wants to be a dentist when he grows up.

He would live outside if he could and he also likes to "hunt" deer.

He has excellent penmenship for a Kindergartner.

He is so cute with babies/toddlers.

He loves to cuddle.

His favorite food is also spaghetti and cereal.

And as you can see by the above picture, Andrew always has to have all his buttons done up.