Friday, May 30, 2008

Diarrhea, Vomit, and Endless Laundry

It has been a very long week. Not only has Trent been gone, but I have had sick kids. It seems whenever Trent goes on a little vacation I have to deal with sickness.
Aiden was sick all day Thursday. I think he threw up about 8 times. Poor kid.
Oakley was sick Monday night and Tuesday. She is better in this picture. She thought she was pretty cool wearing Aiden's shoe and glasses.
So far, Andrew and I have been saved from the excess of bodily functions. Andrew was so good yesterday playing by himself with his buddy, Aiden, being under the weather.
Paige and Morgan have had a little of both worlds. I cleaned their sheets Tuesday and this morning after I came in and found throw up all over. And in this pic, they are dressed in different colors because they kept on alternating pooping through their clothes. At least they are happy, sick babies.
We will survive, as we always do, but maybe next time I might be a little more hesitant when Trent wants to go somewhere.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cute kids...

Well, I know I am their mom, but I think these kids are the cutest. I just need to remember this when they are driving me crazy! In this picture Aiden and Andrew were pretending they were in a ship. They kept screaming that the babies were in the water! I had to keep reminding them not to pick the girls up. The boys think they are rescuing the girls from certain death. But I think the girls would rather be stuck in the "water" than go through the choke holds when the boys try to save them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Real Life...

Well, I am back into my real life again. It is only 9:30 and I have changed 7 diapers, 6 of which were poops, fed 5 kids, fed myself, dressed 5 kids, unloaded dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, helped kids go potty 5 times, stopped 3 fights, filled 5 juice cups, kissed 2 owies, put cushions back on the couch 2 times, and finally started to unpack. Did I just say I missed my kids in my last post??? ;)

Last New York Post!

Here is a recap of our last day in New York. I am sure you are all bored of New York by now, but if so, don't continue reading. ;)
Trent and I ventured down to ground zero. It was amazing to see. You realize the massive destruction when you see the whole empty block where the towers used to be. I can't even imagine experiencing what happened here.
Here is another example of me trying something new! I had a hot dog with some type of red/pickle/salsa stuff on it. It was good.
Here is where the hot dog came from. This hot dog shop is in "You've Got Mail." One of our favorite movies!
The New York Temple. It was so weird walking through the city and Jake pointing out the temple. I am so used to seeing a temple on a huge piece land with a iron fence around a beautiful landscaped area. It was fun to be able to see a temple in a different way!
The Mall in Central Park. At least that is what I think Jake called it.
The fountain in "Enchanted." I can just hear Giselle singing, "How Does She Know?" I am sure my kids would have loved it!
This is how I ended my vacation. Once last stop at the real life Willy Wonka, Max Brenner. Once again I got fondue for 2 and ate the entire thing. Towards the end I was just eating the chocolate plain. Soooo Goood!

Now that I am home, I am sure my posts will consist of the usually kid stuff. It was so good to wake up this morning and see all my kids. I really did miss them. Now lets hope my vacation from life will help me get through this next week while Trent is gone!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 4

Sunday, day 4, was a more relaxing day. On our way to church we took a tour of Columbia. This is where Jake spent the majority of his days here in New York.
Trent always pronounces "Alma Mater" wrong. He thinks he is so funny.

We had an amazing breakfast at Deluxe across from Columbia. One more good meal to add to the list.

This is the diner in Seinfield. I need to re-watch the episodes now that I have experienced a little New York life.
NY 157 and Shopgirl at riverside park.
Top of the Rock's view of Central Park. You can tell just how huge the park is from up there.
The view of the Empire State Building. It was fun to see in real life. We had a hard time getting people to take a good picture of us and the building.

We ended this night with a trip out to Doug and Amber's. It was fun to just sit and chill with them. Amber made a delicious dinner. New York food has been great, but there is something about a good home-cooked meal that tastes soo good. Then Amber was nice enough to drive us home. She gave us an amazing tour on the way home. Thanks Doug and Amber!

Day 3

Saturday was another GREAT day. After the boys 20 miler we headed out to the street fair. It was such a fun atmosphere. I loved it. However, I did miss my shopping buddies from the days before. Trent and Jake are great when it comes to picking out food, but when I needed an opinion on jewelery I had to just go with my own gut feeling. ;)
Trent and I at the street fair. We love this picture with the New York street behind us.
I am sure in the pic, Jake is just waiting for me while I am trying to decide which bracelet is better.

I get made fun of that I don't ever try anything new and I get the same exact thing at any restaurant. Well, here is some proof that Amy is branching out. This is my first gyro and it was sooo good!
I have found the reason I would make my way back to New York. Max Brenner. I ordered chocolate fondue that was supposed to serve 2 people. Well, I ate the whole thing.
We walked around FOREVER trying to find this and now, honestly, the name of it has left my mind. All I know is that it is in the movie, "I Am Legend." Will Smith blows up a bunch of dark seekers here. If you looks closely you can see one of the crazy dogs hiding in the shadows??? ;)

To end this night we got more food from a pizza joint below Jake's apartment. Yet another delicious meal. Here in New York you have to eat every couple hours since you are always walking every where. At least that is my justification for the endless consumption of delicious food. We ate the pizza while watching "Juno." It was a good one.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

2nd Day Down

Well one more day of vacation is over. Yesterday consisted of shopping, eating, Wicked, and, of course, subways.
Here I am sitting in Jakes apartment while the boys are running. I actually am enjoying this time every morning. I love sitting here doing nothing. I don't get to do that too often at home.
We went to Macy's. It is a HUGE store. It covers an entire block! I saw these pants and couldn't believe how big they were.
Trent and I were better oriented with the subways on day 2.
Before the play, Jake took us to eat on restaurant row in Times Square. The restaurant/bar he chose was Joshua Tree. It was soooo good.
Outside the theater. I couldn't wait for this show!
Unfortunately, you can't see the stage behind us. As soon at you walk in you see the stage and it looks amazing. It was such a good musical. I loved every minute of it. Thanks Trent for surprising me with the tickets!!!
The boys next run is Monday morning, so stay tuned!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New York, Here We Are!

Well, we made it to the Big City! It was one LONG day. Trent and I flew through the night and got into New York at 7:00 am. Jake met us at the airport and took us to his crib, where Trent and I crashed for a couple of hours. When we woke up I was sooo excited to head out and go shopping with the Jensen girls!

Trent's favorite place-Canal Street!!! Look at the bag in my hand, I had already purchased some treasures! LOVED IT!

The subway ride. By the end of the night I was ready to have a car! That is until I saw the traffic again and then the subway wasn't so bad.

5 Beauties! ;)
It was such an awesome feeling to actually see the Statue of Liberty in real life.

Here is how the boys enjoyed the ride. Doesn't Trent look excited to see the Statue of Liberty???

We love movies at our house and this bull is in the movie "Hitch." However, the position we used for the pic isn't exactly how you see the Bull in the movie.

The Hershey store.
If anyone knows me you know I love Hershey's chocolate. It is sad, but I could probably really eat the amount of chocolate we are holding in no time!

Times Square!
Yet another fun thing to see in real life!

Teri was sooo nice to get us all tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera! I loved it! The phantom's voice was the best! Such a fun night! Thanks Teri!

All Trent has wanted to do on our vacation is go running with Jake, so I had to get a picture of them before they left this morning. Look at those 2 good lookin' Jensen boys!

So. That was our first day. I am loving doing nothing and everything at the same time. It is so nice not to have to break up fights, take someone potty, clean up toys, change diapers, wipe noses, make meals, and, well, take care of kids. I am loving my vacation from real life, but I do miss my hoard. Thanks to ALL who have sacrificed their own sanity to give Trent and I a break.
I am sure I will post some more during the boys' next run!!!!
And Happy Birthday Luke!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Outside Fun

Here are some pics of one of the first days it was warm. My kids were enjoying the weather and I was enjoying having them out of the house!
Paige making her funny face at the bubbles. I love the leftover bubbles in the 5 strands of hair that she has.
Morgan would get so excited when the bubbles would come her way!
Oakley trying to ride the boy's bike.
This was one of the only shots I had of Aiden's face. All the other mid air shots were of his back.
Andrew looks good floating in the air with his cool shades!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleepy Days.

Now that it is warm, my kids get a little more exercise running around the yard, swimming, jumping on the tramp, and going on walks. So, naturally they are a little more tired. They have been falling asleep in some different places. Very unusual for my kids.
Oakley sat on the couch after she had gotten an owie. Her crying had worn her right out.

Aiden fell asleep waiting for a phone call I guess???
Andrew came home with Trent in Grandpa's truck and fell asleep with a Darth Vader mask on.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Birthday BBQ, a New Baby to Bother, & a Sad, but Funny Loss.

Last night we celebrated Trent's birthday with a BBQ. The food was sooo good as always. Thanks to everyone for making the journey and bringing food. It is always fun to get together and celebrate ANYTHING with food!
Grandpa Brad and Grandma Teri chillin' with the girls.
Jill persuading Aiden to finish his roll so he can have one of Kimmy's delicious snicker doodles.
Brooke giving Andrew a wedgie.
Trent opening his present. Thanks Jill!
Paige and Grandpa Larry. I have always thought that Paige looks like my dad.
The night progressed into the baby holding stage. My kids are sooo obsessed with cute little Annie, and they couldn't wait for her to wake up so they touch and hold her. You would think they would be sick of babies by now?!?
Andrew getting his chance to hold Annie. He kept giving her kisses. He really can't get enough of her.
Oakley couldn't wait to get her hands on her too. There isn't a day goes by that Oakley doesn't say, "Baby Annie, me wuv her."
Half of the hoard admiring Annie.
Oakley kept waiting and waiting for her to wake. And I am sure she was the reason she did finally wake up.
Then the night progressed into the Jazz game. Jamie and Mike stuck around to finish the game with us. I had not experienced the viewing of a Jazz game with Mike until last night. Being that I could honestly care less about who wins or loses, it was fun to watch Mike get so mad, excited, and hopeful while he watched the game. After one bad call from the ref Mike picked up our ottoman and made the motion like he was going to throw it at our TV. I thought Trent was going to stroke out right then, but he didn't and Mike semi recovered from his anger. There were numerous things to laugh about last night during the game and I apologize to Mike that I was getting so much joy from his pain. It was a fun (but sad) ending to a perfect night. Thanks to everyone who made another birthday a fun one!