Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is in the Air!!!

I am LOVING the coming of Spring.
  • We had family night outside last night, cleaning the front yard, with no jackets, wearing flip flops, and the sun beaming down on us.
  • I went running this morning without multiple layers on.
  • We set the tramp up yesterday (which has been a constant fight ever since).
  • We only have a little patch of snow in our backyard as a reminder of the long winter days stuck in the house with 5 maniacs.
  • The sandbox is once again open for play, which means I find little sand piles through out the house.
  • The bikes and "riders" are strung about the patio.
  • Trent set up the outdoor furniture (I am getting excited for the first BBQ of the season).
  • The "later" mornings and longer evenings because of the time change.
  • Spring cleaning-inside and out.
  • The starts of flowers in our courtyard.
  • The thought of having in easier summer with no babies!

Bring on the WARMTH!!!


Brenda said...

I'm loving the warmer weather, too. We had softball practice last night, and it was so nice out. Speaking of softball, we're looking for a substitute for our team (for games when one of the girls can't make it). Are you interested?

Allen's said...

AMEN! I am so ready for spring!

MCapson said...

Warm weather is great especially with kids. They can just play outside instead of being stuck inside all the time. We should take a trip to the park some day with all the kids. It would be fun.

Karina said...

Love this post! Love the summer and love the last week of winter!! yay!!!

Kim said...

I too am excited for BBQs at your house. Spring time is so exciting!

Alyssa said...

Oh we love BBQs too! Maybe the weather will be nice next week and we can have a BBQ over there! Now the grass just needs to turn GREEN!

bjensen said...

YAY for spring! It's supposed to be in the 80's all this week in St. George! I'm lovin it!

Luke and Kimmy said...


Rustin and Ashley Miller said...

I loved the pictures of your kids little feet, and Oakley is so cute, she looks adorable in her pictures.

Sarah said...

I cannot wait for spring! It was 75 here yesterday and I was in heaven!!

amyandseth06 said...

I totally agree. Bring it on!!

angela said...

Yay for Spring!! I've been loving the warmer weather also! We can't wait to go camping this year since I didn't get to go once last summer!