Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just some Pics of some Events

I was downloading my camera today and found some pics I hadn't blogged about. So I thought I better get my recent activities written in history.

A couple weeks ago I went to my cousin Sami's reception. It was at a cool park in Draper. Trent was running the Wasatch Back, so I had to go by myself with the Hoard. The reception was so pretty, the decor cute, the cake amazing, and, of course, the bride was beautiful.

For the couples 'sign in book' they had all the guests take pictures, like the one below. They printed out a copy to put in their book and one you could take home. It was a cute idea. My pic obviously didn't turn out as well as others, but you get the idea.
I love Andrew and Oakley in the last pic. You may have to enlarge to see it.
This is my cousin Mandi. She takes the cake when it comes to making cakes. Ha! If you want to see pictures of the wedding and the amazing cake she made go here.
Last week I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants with some of my favorite people. Chili's and my in-laws are a good combination. Nothing beats Chilis thin, thin chips and their delish salsa!

Jill (brown and beautiful from her 2 week honeymoon!), Maga, Jamie, Heidi, Teri, me. (By the way, all my in-laws are beautiful, not just Jill. Don't you think?)
A company Trent 'works' with gave him 2 tickets to the Real Soccer game on Friday. The best parts were the super close parking and the free food. Free hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, popcorn, drinks, and ice cream sandwiches. It was awesome.

Steve, Cercee, Me, and Trent. This guy works for the company that gave Trent the tickets, so who better to take to the game with us. Funniest part of the night was when they were kicking balls into the stands and Steve was daydreaming and a ball landed right next to him. Cercee and I were screaming at him to turn around and grab it. Luckily, he woke up from his dream and got the ball.
Thats all for now. Coming up will be pics of my green thumb, pea picking, sprinkler running, and maybe some hilarious pics of my boys. Still can't decide if I should post those pics or not. Could be controversial.


Wade Family said...

That picture of you at the game is so cute, I love your purse. I can't believe your cousins are old enough to be getting married I remember coming to your house when they were in town and they were tiny. Wow we are getting old. We are running the Bryce half and I think I may run the Salt Lake 10K on the 24th if I am still alive you should run with us if your knee is up to it.

I'll totally call when we get in.

Andrea said...

Mmmmmmmm...haven't been to Chili's for awhile. LOVE their chips and queso! YOU are also beautiful along with all those Jensen girls!

Anonymous said...

Love your play with words about the cake! Made me laugh. It was so much fun to see you!! Miss ya tons!!

Please post the pictures of your boys, I want to see.

Maga said...

Did Steve keep the ball and have it signed? Cute mustaches!!

Sarah said...

I can't decide which of all of these photos is my favorite ~ they are all so cute! I am glad you remembered to download them all. That cake Mandi made is AMAZING!

Brett and Jessica said...

I love the idea of the photobooth at the wedding!

akdoxey said...

I'm playing catch up on blogs lately. Love all your posts lately...always jealous when I see all the pics of you and your family doing things, I wish I had family around. That slip n slide looks like such a blast! And I love the pictures of Paige and Morgan massaging each other- so cute, not to mention the coloring in pics looks kind of professional. And as always, way to go Trent for such an awesome job at the Bear lake marathon. Glad you've been able to run lately.