Friday, September 24, 2010


~I HATE it when people leave their carts in the parking lot of stores. Seriously, I have 6 kids with me at times and I still put mine back in the cart holder.

~I can't seem to stay on top of things lately. I think I am at my limit and then another thing pops up.

~I had one of my fastest running times while in St. George last weekend. I ran 5 miles at 7:55 average pace. It nearly killed me, but I did it.

~I have started a diet again. I am honestly disgusted with this thing that is my body.

~If any one has a miracle potty training program and would like to come and get Morgan trained I would appreciate it. I don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to do it. She says she just wants to be a baby.

~When running one of my usual routes I saw an older lady from a distance pushing a stroller. My first thought was she was such a nice Grandma to be babysitting that early AND taking her grandchild on a walk. When I got closer I realized she had her dog in the stroller. What is the point of taking your dog on a walk if it doesn't walk?

~My boys are loving kindergarten and my girls love preschool. They are always so excited to go. And I am loving having half the kids around.

~I am still LOVING my new hair cut. It is the easiest cut I have ever had. I can even just leave it wet after the shower and it looks pretty good. Perfect for a lazy person like me.

~I just did the hardest thing ever-the 20 mile round trip hike to Havasupai Falls (post to come). It may have been the hardest thing, but it is awesome to say that I did it and the falls at the end make it worth it. Luckily I had a great masseuse to work out all the kinks the death march gave me.

~I am loving the ready to drink carnation instant breakfast drinks (milk chocolate no sugar added of course) these days. I crave it every morning.

~Trent and I still have 3 full seasons of TV shows on our TIVO that we haven't even started. Its sad that this week was already the premiers of the new seasons...

~I am lucky if my floors get mopped and my carpets get vacuumed once every 3 weeks.

~Luckily enough I am getting the bathrooms cleaned once a week (usually).

~I am on a new spending diet as well. I can't buy new clothes until I go down a size or 2. Incentive to lose weight AND save money. Although I had 2 vacations planned before this goal, so I did allow myself some spending money for the trips.

~I just fed 8 kids lunch. Not much else to say about that.

~I am doing this random post because I don't feel like going through pics and thinking of something semi witty to say. My posts are lacking these days. I think my energy is being channelled in every other way but blogs. Sorry, that means lack of comments from me as well.

Hopefully next up with be the amazing post on Havasu. Fun times and fun stories to share. Until then....


Stefanie said...

Amy - as I read your post I felt like it was me writing it. I completely understand your lack of energy and your total sense of overwhelmingness. I'm just about in the same boat kid-wise. And I agree, getting 8 kids lunch is an amazing feat!
I really started this comment to reply about your potty-training dilemma - I was at that poin twith my 3 1/2 year old a couple months ago. She new how to do it, she just wouldn't. She didn't care enough. I finally, at my wits end, totally gave up the whole idea and left it alone. Next thing I knew (about a month later) she was fully trained and only 1 accident since. My advice I guess is this: She'll come around. She has to do it on her own terms. I know it's a miserable thing to hear, but time is what finally worked for me.
Good luck!

hbentley said...

I like your random thought post. I think it is good to every once in a while post about the various things that we stay at home moms think.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could run as fast as you! Amazing. You continue to amaze me in everything you do.

Aurelia Thomas said...

have to say, i love the random thoughts. thanks!

- jillana

Maga said...

Keep posting your random thoughts--we're looking forward to the Havasu pictures, but in the meantime the thoughts are good!!!

Kim said...

I like your post. I could comment on every single thing you wrote about, but I wont. Bottom are awesome!

Sarah said...

Great post! I too LOVE your hair and if I wasn't such a fat head I would totally copy it. I need to workout too. I am so lazy. Maybe a trainer would help. We should start up that exercise blog again. If I am not held accountable, I am totally lazy. Oh, and don't worry, I probably clean my floors less than you (and that is with four cats). It is amazing what you accomplish given the five kids. I have none and I still can't keep up!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Awesome, I didn't know you guys went to havasu

Julie said...

I love it! I love the bit about the dog in a stroller! I'm way impressed that you always put the cart away even with all your kiddos. Good luck with the diets food and spending. Life changes are good. I recommend protein! I think it really helps and we never get enough. When you crave junk, eat protein. :) I need to lose a pant size myself. Bummer. Good luck. Let me know what works.

Jamie said...

Oh boy. Confession: I often leave my carts around - not all the time, but I've been known to do it. I guess that makes me lazy.

I haven't even approached the potty training with Annie. I think we have our plates full as is, so maybe when she's five I'll start to think about it.

And I still haven't seen your 'do in person. It looks darling!

linds said...

i like your thoughts. i will start putting my cart back. thanks.