Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Days of School!

Wow. I am becoming a sub par blogger. It is sad really. I will try to be better, but I am not making any promises. Now I will try and play catch up. First up, the last days of school.

Paige and Morgan went to the dinosaur park for their last day of school. They got to have a picnic, see some scary dinos, and have some 2 on 1 time with mom. This is the first time I have gone on a field trip with only 2 kids. It was fabulous.
 The girls with Mrs. Eggett. We have loved preschool with her. She is such an amazing teacher and perfect for my kids. I would say that I will miss her, but Oliver will be going to her next year. I guess my preschool days aren't exactly over. ;)
 And since Paige and Morgan graduated from Preschool they are going to Kindergarten next year (yep, I hear angels singing), which means kindergarten shots. They were very brave girls. Paige went first which was a good thing because she didn't even cry. Morgan, on the other hand had to be held down after the 1st of 4 shots. She was brave up until they poked her. ;)
 Oakley graduated from Kindergarten. They had a great program where Oakley sang every song and did every action. She was pretty dang cute. We love her teacher Mrs Merrill. She is so cute with the kids.
 And Oakley loved being in school with her 2 best friends. Thanks for a great year Izz and Care!
 Oakley with her diploma. She was pretty proud. She woar her cap most the day.
 There wasn't anything special for the boys graduating and I couldn't go to any of their last fun field trips, so I snuck into their class and took a picture with their teacher. We loved Mrs. Mobley! Actually I think the boys (mostly Aiden) even had a little crush on her.
It was a great school year and so far the Summer has been pretty good. Heck, I am still alive and, even more amazing, so are the kids. I think its going to be a good one.