Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's Happening?

Here are a bunch of random pics which describes our life right now.
I get to watch these guys every once in a while.
And I have to figure out ways to feed them at the same time.
The blanket bottle holder comes in handy.

And sometimes I have runs that kill me.
 And some runs that just work out perfect.
I've been trying to get my time back down to what it used to be, hence the above death picture.

Stocked up on the necessities.

Ate/played with some turkey.

Went on a walk with these munchkins.

Morgan continues to be Trent's shadow, although this one made me nervous.

We dined at Crown Burger to celebrate the end of Cam's semester. The kids thought Grandpa was the jungle gym.

Ate at Jason's Deli for grandma night. LOVE the turkey wrap and the free ice cream cones.

And then I got pampered with a massage from Kim while listening to Sweeney Todd.

And that's the local Haps.

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