Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Day in the Life of the Jensens

There are 35 diapers (at least 2/3rds poop)
2-3 leaking diapers
50 wipes
20 tissues
6 feedings
6 burp clothes
4 bibs
24 spit ups
10 bowls of cereal
5 peanut butter and jam sandwiches
6 bowls mac and cheese
7 snacks
6 refills of juice cups
1 tube pringles
5 temper tantrums
10 fights
65 "No's"
8 timeouts
5 times remaking beds
12 owies
1 fat lip (Andrew of course)
3 loads of laundry
35 messes
35 cleanups
4 baby einsteins
3 hours of sleep for Trent
2 1/2 hours of early morning crying (Paige and Morgan)
And almost 1 nervous breakdown
But there are 45 please's, thanks you's, and your welcome's
50 kisses
60 I love you's
200 smiles
25 peek-a-boo's
15 high fives
20 songs
45 hugs
10 games
5 cute kids
and 1 family prayer thanking Heavenly Father for the Day!


JamieN said...

So cute! We LOVED your Christmas card. So funny! I can't believe you do all that in one day. Oh my gosh. I guess you'll have to slap me if I ever complain about hard times with my ONE baby.

clay and jordan said...

You're AMAZING!! And I bet you do it all with a smile on your face. :) We miss you guys!

And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

hbentley said...

OK!! After reading that I am not a good Mom. I don't know that I can find that many postive things. I guess I better work on it. I love your family.

The Jensen Hoard said...

Well, while I was typing the post up, Aiden and Andrew got into Jill's ribbon (sorry Jill) and strung it all over the craft room. I was so mad I almost deleted all the good things off the post! And Jody, I definately don't do it with a smile always on my face.

JamieN said...

Heidi - You joker. You are a good mom. If you had a blog it would read something like this: made 50 presents for the neighbors, 1 Disneyland in the basement, played Secret Santa, randomly purchased a cute gift for a sister just because you thought she'd like it, 4 friends over for the boys to play with, 6 dozen sugar cookies letting the boys cut them out and frost them (not worrying about getting the cookie cutter right on the edge to use all the space), 1organized christmas present for the folks, 10 darling cookie trays with yummy treats, 5 calls to family just to see how they're doing (how the exboyfriend situation is, how long days at work are going, how life is in NY, and life in St. George), 1 North Pole located on Cherry Blosom dr., 2 happy boys who love their mom and think the world of her, 1 lucky husband who is blessed with an amazing wife, and 1 happy family, neighborhood, sister, sibling all because you are a good mom.

melissa said...

Wow Amy, I wasn't expecting to come onto your blog and start crying. But hey... I am pregnant. Very cute.

hbentley said...

Your a dream. I needed that today. Especially since I am not a very nice person today. Noone better ask for a favor.
Love you all!!!!!

Cecilie said...

You go girl! Love the blog!

Goldhardts said...

You can tell there is a lot of love at your house, you have the cutest family.


Glenae said...

What a cute blog! Thanks for sharing. Glenae

Mandy said...

I just found your blog. Had to back a ways to catch up. This sounds insane! I bet you love being a mommy. Such beautiful kids. Send me an email and I'll invite you to my blog: