Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day!!

The first thing we do Christmas morning are the stockings. It is funny how the dumb dollar toys are the kids favorite!!

Aiden got a Bumble Bee transformer. Santa forgot to bring it, so Uncle Jake covered for him.

Andrew loves his spooky teeth! As soon as he saw them, they were in his mouth.

This was Oakley's first present she opened. After this one she had a hard time focusing on the rest.

Paige is the cutest present of all!

Morgan is still cute when she's mad.
Over all we had a great Christmas. Santa treated us right. Thanks to all our family that made our Christmas so good. It is fun to spend so much time together over the Holidays. Thanks for making it perfect.


Luke & Kimmy Veigel said...

hello hello we got a blog too

Cecilie said...

Those pictures were so cute. Thank goodness for Uncles! I really liked Andrew's teeth. Why do kids always like the trinket toys? It looks like you had a fun Christmas. What cute kids you have.