Thursday, January 17, 2008

Recipes from Trent and Amy

Since I read Mandi and Autumn's blog I will do two recipes. Whoever reads my blog will need to put a recipe on theirs. It is fun to get different ideas for dinner!

The first one is from Trent-

Go to Cupboard.
Pick favorite cereal.
Pour desired amount into bowl.
Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup milk onto cereal.
Add spoon and enjoy!!

This is really Trent's favorite thing for meals-breakfast lunch or dinner, but I'm not complaining!

Here is one of my favorites-

Potato Soup

You will need:
*8 medium potatoes cubed and boiled.
*2 cans cream of chicken soup
*2 cups chicken broth
*2 cups half and half

*cooked, broken up bacon
*shredded cheese
*sour cream

Combine first four ingredients into big pot. Heat thoroughly. Scoop individual servings and add sour cream, cheese, and bacon on top and serve. You can really add anything on top that you would put on a baked potato. It is very good!!


Anonymous said...

That sounds really good. I have a similar recipe but I put evaporated milk instead of half and half and no chicken soup. I also add some fake potatoes to it so it's creamy. I'll have to try yours.

Anonymous said...

Yum!! That sounds good! Thanks for the recipe! I wish I could make cold cereal for dinner! I don't think Dustin would approve.

The Wade Family said...

What a good idea. Thanks for the sounds great! Ryan's favorite meal is cold cereal too...its awesome!

JamieN said...

I love that Trent's favorite meal is still cold cereal. At least there is a food out there that he actually likes.