Sunday, January 27, 2008


If you are reading this you have been tagged!

Five things I was doing ten years ago...

>Starting my last season of Softball.
>Registering for college.
>Hanging out with my friends.
>Trying to endure the last semester of High School
>Just doing dumb high school girl things. Like, driving by our latest crush's house 10 times per day, going to Target and trying on the ugliest clothes we could find and taking pictures, going to stomps and dances, talking about boys, and having fun doing pretty much anything.

Five things on my "To Do" list...

>Potty Train kids
>Loose Weight
>Get more patience

Five snacks I enjoy...

>Toasted bread with basil pesto cheese spread
>Peanut butter bars
>Caramel popcorn
>Cheese, peppers, and crackers
>Pepsi or roatbeer fountain drinks

Five things I would do with a billion dollars...

>Pay off and remodel my house
>Hire a chef, maid, personal trainer, and personal hair stylist
>Travel everywhere
>Buy a second jeep so we can go wheelin as a family
>And I suppose share the rest with family ;)

Three habits...

>Calling Trent at work to say Hi
>Opening the fridge over and over again hoping something good will magically appear

Five jobs I've had...

>Cleaner at Heath Engineering
>Support line person (?) at JCPenney
>Assistant Buyer at IFA
>Nurse at LDS Hospital
>Hospice nurse


Sami Jo said...

so i decided that you a pro-blogger! i love it. thanks for keeping me entertained during work. :) hehe. love ya.

Cecilie said...

What a walk down memory lane. How fun was that post. You always do such a great job in posting your personality!