Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sugar High

Easter weekend was full of egg hunts, candy, family, food, candy, Easter Baskets, candy, new church clothes, and more candy. Easter morning, after church, Trent said he was already sick of Easter and it had actually just officially started. Our kids had already consumed half their body weight in candy and were bouncing of the walls with a sugar high. In spite of Trent's Easter blues, the kids had such a good time. We all enjoyed an egg hunt and dinner at the Jensen's Saturday night. Sunday morning we did our own little egg hunt and Easter Baskets, then later that day we enjoyed another egg hunt and delicious dinner at Dodee's! Unfortunately, as soon as we got to my parents house, I received a work call and I had to go clean up some throw up and pick someone up off the floor. So, we didn't get to spend too much time with the Veigels. But, overall it was a GREAT Easter!

Oakley got some cool shades in her basket at the Jensens.
Aiden and Andrew finding eggs.

My cute girls just watched everyone else find eggs. Next year they can share in the madness!

Easter Morning at our house.

Oakley searching with Brooke at Dodee's.
Aiden and Andrew found their cool sports Easter eggs.

Cousins group shot after the frantic egg hunt at Dodee's.
Thanks to everyone who did so much for our kids. You made it another memorable holiday!


ajensen said...

your kids are so cute and you and trent are amazing to watch--so impressive. It was good to see you guys!

bjensen said...

Your kids are too cute! To bad you put some ugly pictures of me on your blog. I'm so excited you guys are coming down this weekend! I love it when anyone comes to vist. I'm already counting down days, Kason is excited to meet you guys and your kids. Let me know your plans for when your down here. This is going to be big!!!!!

Sarah said...

Such cute pictures! I love all of your girls' dresses!

Cecilie said...

Cute kids! Sucks you had to go to work! Especially when it's what you had to do. I love watching the kids do Easter egg hunts. This week my kids have even taken the empty eggs and played games with them.

Luke & Kimmy said...

It was fun spending Easter with you guys. oh wait.

Jenna and Brady said...

The easter hunt's will definitely be eventful next year with all 5!! Cute pictures.

derrickfam said...

i love the cute little easter outfits all your kids have on! So adorable.

JamieN said...

Cutest pics! Thanks for making a stop at our house on Easter. We loved having the circus at our house even if it wasn't for long.

Glenae said...

Looks like a fun Easter!

akdoxey said...

I love the picture of Oakly kissing her little sister. The scruched nose is adorable.