Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Eights

8 things I'm looking forward to:
  1. A date tonight with Trent.
  2. The good food I will eat tonight with Trent. I am thinking a F'Zhookie for dessert!
  3. Taking the boys to preschool. I love preschool days and I am NOT looking forward to their last day this month.
  4. Trips to St. George, the cabin, Bear Lake for a 10K, and Greys River.
  5. Getting a hair cut and highlights done, which may never happen because of our income reduction. My roots are horrible!
  6. Mother's Day. We have nothing planned which is what I want. Having a quiet Sunday at home sounds perfect to me.
  7. Trents birthday and BBQ.
  8. Having the girls potty trained and being done with diapers forever.
8 things I did yesterday:
  1. Ran 4 miles.
  2. Did 7 scrapbook pages. My mind has finally got back into the scrapbook mode.
  3. Laid in the sun for all of 3 minutes. It was a wonderful 3 minutes.
  4. Went to Walmart and bought a cart full of cereal. I think I bought at least 25 boxes.
  5. Looked at my dirty house and decided I didn't want cleaning on my "list of things I did yesterday."
  6. Motherly things like changing diapers, dressing kids, feeding the hoard, breaking up fights...
  7. Did the usuals on the internet.
  8. Read for a little while.

8 things I wish I could do:

  1. Go on a Trip with just Trent to a little beach house some where, lay in the sun all day and think only of myself and what I want to do.
  2. Lose my last 20 pounds of baby/marriage weight, while eating what I want.
  3. Run a half marathon.
  4. Sleep in. Even just once a week would be nice.
  5. Afford a maid, chef, personal trainer, and a hair stylist.
  6. Have more patience with my kids. They definitely deserve better than me.
  7. Sing. I can't carry a tune for the life of me and am so jealous of anyone with this talent.
  8. Have a clean house all the time and somehow teach my kids to clean up after themselves.

8 Shows I watch:

  1. The Office
  2. Fringe
  3. CSI New York
  4. CSI
  5. Rules of Engagement (we don't like David Spade in it, but Putty (from Seinfield) is hilarious)
  6. Greys Anatomy
  7. Super Why, Sid the Science Kid, Clifford, Word World, Curious George...really anything on PBS
  8. Survivor-well, we used to watch it, but haven't had time to this season, but it is still one of my faves!


hbentley said...

I love your list. I need to say that your kids are lucky to have to. You are such a good Mom and you have alot more patiences than you give yourself credit for. I thought that your maid, chef, hairstylist, personnal trainer lived in the basement??
I guess she needs to kick it up a little.

Kim said...

You'll have to let me take half of your kids and get someone else to take the others so that you can have a night to yourselves AND sleep in the next morning.

Alyssa said...

Enjoy your night out! You deserve it! Also we need to have a scrapbook night at your house. I am behind and I need to get caught up!

Jamie N said...

My highlights got nixed because of the economy. Boo. So I'm declaring dark brown the new blonde.

Tavan said...

You are seriously the best blogger out there. I don't check for 3 days and I'm so behind!! ha

Ginny said...

given your familial circumstances, the fact that you AND your kids are sane is indicative of the credit you should give yourself. the post previous to this one only reinforces the extra credit you get. all moms could use more patience, so believe everyone else when we say your kids are lucky to have both you and Trent!

p.s. i love that you didn't want cleaning to be on your list.

Amber said...

fun list! I've never had a fzookie, but between you and melissa, I'm thinking one sounds good right about now! About the clean house thing on the list...honestly, I wish I could just have one day to clean, uninterupted, with no one around but me...then it might actually look like I cleaned, and stay clean for 2 minutes.

Maga said...

I loved hearing about your inner-soul, but I disagree about your kids deserving better than you---you are the most wonderful and perfect mother for your 5 kids!!
Pat yourself on the back for Mother's Day

akdoxey said...

I love reading these lists, it's a good insight into your life. Sounds a lot like mine. Hope you a had a relaxing mothers day.

Sam said...

I loved this post! What a great idea to do "crazy eights." Maybe we'll see you up at Bear Lake again! yeahya!