Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Great St. George Experience

We traveled down to St. George on Tuesday. The ride down was okay. Paige only cried for 2 hours. My girls really do not travel well. We arrived and the first thing kids wanted to do was swim. I didn't even get my camera out during the first session. In fact, the first time I got my camera out to take the picture of myself below.
It ended up that I got the room all to myself the first night. Oakley was with Josh, Aiden and Andrew with Jenny, and Paige and Morgan had their own room too. I was so excited that I would be able to relax and read. However, I was sooo tired, I fell asleep after a couple pages. Oh well. Sleep is a good thing too.
The next morning I fed the crew. Cereal is the best.

We headed to a splash pad one afternoon. It was so HOT down there. Any water time was greatly appreciated.
Aiden did really well in the water. He even started to learn to swim without his life jacket on. Swimming lessons here he comes!

Andrew does really well too. He loves jumping into the water. And he loved to look under the water with his goggles.

Oakley liked swimming too.....that is on the shamu shelf. She DID NOT like going in the deep and didn't even attempt the slide this time. Some day she will get over her fear.

Paige LOVED the water. Unfortunately for her she hit her chin on the side of the pool and split it open. Trent and I don't go to the Doctor for much of anything, so we fixed it up with some super glue and butterfly bandages. Makes for cute pictures.

Morgan had NO fear of the water. She loved every second of it. The slide, jumping, and swimming. She even put on the arm floaties and was swimming around in the deep all by herself. So cute!

And this is what made the trip so fun. My kids can't get enough of the Bentleys. They are quite a group. What one doesn't think of another one will. It is going to be trouble when they are older.
Other Highlights:
  • Getting to see my cousins Autumn, Aaron, and Gina and their cute kids. It has been about 4 years since I had seen Autumn. Much too long if you ask me. AND I am so upset I didn't get a picture. I really can't believe I let that slip. Thanks guys for making time to see me!
  • In & Out. Enough said.
  • Shopping. Thanks to Sarah, we all got great deals at Old Navy. My boys will no longer have to wear floods and belly shirts.
  • Pirate Island. The kids favorite! And the food was much better this time. Definitely a must if you go to St. George with kids!
  • Having Trent come down to join in the fun.
  • Pizza Factory Bread Sticks.
  • Cousin and Grandma time.

Thanks to Grandma, Jenny, and the Bentleys for all the fun and all the extra help! Couldn't have done it without you!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great trip ~ your kids are so cute in the pool! I am glad you were able to use the discount too. I used it not only at Old Navy, but also and Gap and Banana Republic :)

Shannon said...

You captured each of the kids' personalities and excitement SO well Amy! I especially love the top left one on Oakley's collage. Too funny.

hbentley said...

So much fun. Josh just loves your boys. It was alot of fun to be down there with you and your family. I don't think we can get enough of your kids. I think Josh is having withdrawal from the boys.

Annie said...

St. George is always a hit. And, I love how the kids all love each other.

See you tomorrow at the pool?

Kim said...

How fun! You are such a cute mom, Amy. I hope that I can be as cool as you someday.

Trent said...

That was such an awesome trip. Thanks to Deseret First for letting justify this as a work trip. It was fun to see the kids getting more comfortable in the water. I think the highlight for me was Morgan cruising around the deep all by herself with arm floaties. She has no fear. So much fun.

Wade Family said...

Lot's of fun...I have to admit I am jealous every time I see a post of a St. George trip. I love the pic of you and Morgan going down the slide...she really must have no fear. It's great to have such good in laws...glad you got away for some fun!

Allen's said...

Looks like a great time!

tiffany and darren said...

The Pizza Factory Bread sticks are the best. How sad is it that I didn't compliment you and your cute kids before the food. It is lunch time and I am hungary. But your family really is adorable and I can't believe they are getting so big. Every post I swear they each grow a foot.

Tavan said...

How fun! I'm glad that you get to get away to St. George...and glad you have access to water! cute pics.. love kids in goggles :)

MCapson said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. So nice to be able to get away. You look super tan by the way.

Ginny said...

so much fun, so little time. those are some great shots!