Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

*Mini Charleston Chews*
These are my new favorite candies. I love them and can't get enough of them. I could eat a whole box in one sitting. For this reason I now have a strict rule that I cannot buy these anymore, unless I am on vacation or something. Dang it.

I don't like to do my hair and because of this fact I love hats. They make ugly hair look good. And another of my favorite things is my new organization of my hats. I hung these up all by myself. Aren't you proud?


I am loving anything pumpkin these days. Enough said.

*Fall Colors*
I am so lucky I get to see this view every time I look out my window. I love Fall. The colors, the weather, the holidays. And look at that huge pile of leaves my kids get to play in. Awesome.

*Hot Chocolate*
This has always been a long time favorite of mine, but now with the sometimes cooler weather it makes it taste that much better. And I so wish Costco sold the big economy size of the Marshmallow Stevens. That would be heavenly.


I found these beauties at Ross in St. George. I love them. There is still a debate about what I can where them with. You see, they only come up to maybe my mid calf. So, they are kind of a weird length. Half the people I ask say I can where them with a skirt, the other half say no. What do you think?

*Lucky Charms*

I know. I am reverting back to a 12 year old. But they came out with these mini marshmallow Lucky Charms and it seems to be the perfect balance between the mallows and the cheerios. I eat a bowl every morning.

*Good TV Night*

More specifically this guy, Russell. For those of you who watch Survivor you understand. For those that don't, just know that this guy is conniving, hilarious, smart, and mean. Love him.


My friend, Lindsay, brought this over for dinner. I am hooked. It is so good and it only has 25 calories per serving! Makes eating salads a lot more fun.

*Spooky Jars*

My sister-in-law Kimmy made some of these jars and I instantly fell in love. For those that don't know, Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I love spooky decorations. These were so easy to make too. I just found some old bottles at the DI and printed off the labels. Thanks to Kimmy for helping me make these awesome potions and poisons. If you want to see some cuter ones check out Kim's blog here. She also has the sites for the labels linked on her blog!
So there you go. I hope you enjoyed this meaningless post.


Brenda said...

I love Survivor too, but I can't stand Russell. I'll be so happy when he's gone. He's like Coach was last season, for me. Not my kind of entertainment.

Shannon said...

Darn! I was hoping this was going to be like Oprah's favorite things and there was going to be a giveaway at the end. I guess I just have to go buy some of that stuff myself. That Bountifuls salad dressing sounds DELICIOUS.

Luke and Kimmy said...

What a fun post! I'm with you on the hot chocolate thing, Survivor (I can't wait to watch the next one), fall colors, your hats AND boots...which I think totally work with skirts. I also love how your potions turned out. Very very cute!

tiffany and darren said...

I LOVE Charleston Chews!! I also love Stephen's hot cocoa, it's not available her, boo!! I miss it. I am also impressed with all your hats and I love your idea of how to hang them. I wish I had a big wall I could hang my, well I only have 3 or 4 hats, but still wish I could hang them somewhere!

Andrea said...

I love just about everything on this dang post, too--namely that luscious pumpkin dessert and the Lucky Charms. I must have both NOW!

Good job on hanging your hats--nice oraganizational skills!

Wear the boots with a skirt any day of the week!

Wade Family said...

I love reading posts like this. I agree...I love everything you listed. You should try one of those hot chocolate makers, my Mom gave me one last year and they are the best. I seriously can't drink hot chocolate with water anymore. Also, love your hats. Wish I could get away with wearing hats I just can't pull it off. The boots are super cute and I think it totally depends on the skirt but yes I think you can pull it off!

Amber said...

Wow, with the exception of the charleston chews, and the Lucky charms...you pretty much nailed it! We could be twinners...does that scare you...sorry!

Fun post! I love learning stuff about you...some of which I already know. I think the boots could go with some skirts, but they'd be way cute with jeans! LOVE BOOTS!

Annie said...

Love this "meaningless" post. I've got to go get that salad dressing. It sounds delish. And, I love your Halloween jars. How CUTE! I have about 6 Halloween decorations up in my house and I feel festive! Yours looks SO darling! Can't wait for more Halloween posts from the Jensen home. You do such fun stuff.

Ginny said...

loved this post. love most of the things on it, too. couldn't read the comments though because we have the entire season of survivor dvr'd but haven't watch a single episode yet because dave has been so busy with his test prep. can't wait to learn more about russell!!

Maga said...

Amy, you and your blog are 2 of my favorite things!!!

Sarah said...

Meaningless?!? I love posts like this and think you should do them more often! All were such cute things. And I totally love your hat collection - I can never find cute hats and yours are always adorable. Love your jars you made - they turned out so cute! Really I just love everything on this post - your boots are really cute too!

amyandseth06 said...

That was just like Oprah's favorite things, except you didn't give it all away. Maybe you should...I think it's an awesome list.

Jill said...

I love this post! I like that you are a lot like me with an obsessive personality. Once you like something, you just love it and have to have a lot of it!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Wiskers on kittens

MCapson said...

I totally took your idea of the jars. It's sweet.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

I say totally wear the boots with a skirt and some cute knee socks! B

Julie said...

This is so fun!
Okay, so you've gone from reeses (practically the worst treat healthwise) to Charleston Chew. That is a big improvement. They have WAY less fat and calories, don't they? That's good.
Love the hats. Good organization. They don't get all muffed up and you can see each one to plan your outfit better.
That pumpkin cake looks delish! But it's the cream cheese frosting that really throws it over the edge to heavenly.
I love your back yard. How do you have such a cool view? You can't even see a house behind you. It's like you are on the edge of the world.
Love Stephens!
The boots are totally you. I think you could work them in a cute skirt. Give us a photo and we'll tell you for sure.
Not a fan of the sugary cerals. That make me hungry. But I'm glad they are a good source of Calcium and Vit D! Good job.
Don't watch survivor. But he looks like a bad guy.
I want to look for that dressing. I love anything that will dress up a salad without adding all kinds of fat and cal because that ruins the point of salad!
Love the spooky bottles. They look so authentic. I had no idea you were such a halloween nut!
Love you tons, Amy

linds said...

how can you stand russell? i hate him. love this post, there is lots to love about it. i pretty much love everything you love, except russell of course, cuz i hate him. missed you today. hope you feel better soon.