Monday, November 16, 2009

Mini Softball Reunion

Friday night we had a mini softball reunion at none other than Firehouse Pizza (I had to get my FHZookie in for the week). It was fun to catch up with these girls. Softball was basically my life from the time I was 8 until I graduated High School. I would hang out with my fellow teammates all summer long, with tournaments every weekend and practice every other day. We had a great time together. I always get a little sad when I think back to my softball days. I miss them.
Here is a pic of the girls that lived close enough to come. Me, Jenny B., Melissa, Jadee, and Laura. Maybe when we have our next reunion we will have a few more girls. Thanks for the night Deja Vu'ers!


Andrea said...

Please tell me what a FHZookie is!! I've seen it before and must know what it is. It's gotta me yummy with that name!

Really? Another girls night? Really????

hbentley said...

Seriously, I don't know anyone that has girl's night every night of the week. You are so lucky. I guess you have your man trained well.

Amber said...

Oh man, those are some of my best memories know me being the cheerleader,not a player! AND, the red can't forget the red licorice...glad you girls could get together! We could always count on my mom for the snacks!

Gary & Jadee said...

That was fun seeing all of you. I agree though, I get sad thinking back on our summers growing up. I loved softball and all of the girls and parents. We sure had some fun times, eh? So many memories... Maybe my dad can coach all of our own girls some day. :)