Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scared & Thankful

We have recently made up a book group in my neighborhood and this month we read the book Scared by Tom Davis. We couldn't have picked a better book for the month of November. It is an amazing story about the African people and ALL the hardships they deal with day after day. When I finished this book I felt so lucky to be where I am and I felt so guilty for complaining about the things I complain about. Here are a few examples of those things I complain about, but should be grateful for:
  • I complain about my kids getting sick, coughing so hard they throw up, and keeping us up at night. I should be grateful that this is all I have to deal with. Not only can I get medicine quickly for any sickness, but really, how hard is it to deal with a cold? So many other people have real health issues. In this book it talked a lot about the AIDS problem in Africa. I think I should be thankful for the coughs in my life.
  • The endless laundry. Trent and I can't figure out how we finish 3-4 loads, get them folded and put away, and the laundry chute is full again. We are always grumbling about the never ending laundry. But we are so lucky that we even have clothes to wear, cute nice clothes too.
  • Meal times that last forever. I dread meal times. I dread the fight with the kids to get them to eat what I make, I dread the messes they make, and I dread the clean up. From start to finish it probably takes a good hour and that is when I only make a PB sandwich. In this book it talked about the people going days without food, they didn't know when their next meal would be, and a lot starved to death. It is disgusting that I complain about having to feed my kids. At least I have food to give them.
  • Taking care of my kids. You all know I complain about this and I shouldn't. I am very lucky to have 5 cute kids to raise. The main little girl in this book took care of her younger siblings and she was only 10. She never complained and she gave everything she had to others. Once again, I feel guilty.
  • Cleaning my house. I am sure no one likes to do this. The people in this book lived in a little village in one room houses and dirt floors. I am sure they wouldn't complain about mopping their kitchen floor if they had one to mop.
  • Cops. I complain about them pulling me over and giving my tickets, but who wouldn't right? This book talked about the corrupt government in Africa and crime that goes unpunished. We are lucky that we have 'people' to protect us and arrest the bad guys.
  • Men. I honestly don't complain about men, especially the men in my life. I have lucked out to have an amazing husband, dad (in law), grandpas, and brothers (in law). The men in this book were horrible to their women, horrible. I am blessed.
  • Taxes/Government. I hate seeing so much money being taken from my paycheck. It kills me. But how lucky am I that I live in a free land. That our roads and other things are fixed for us, we can do whatever we want, and we get the chance to vote for our leaders.

I would recommend this book to everyone. It is an amazing, sad story. It has made me stop and think about my life. How did I get so lucky to be born when and where I am? How am I so lucky to have a beautiful family with an amazing, hot husband? How come I get to eat 3 (sometimes more) meals a day? How come I can go shopping anytime and by a whole new outfit that I don't even need? Why do I get to eat a big Thanksgiving meal until I can't eat anymore?

I hope I can change my attitude about my life and realize how amazing it is. I really do love it, I just need to act like I do. Here is to Thanksgiving, hopefully I can live up to what I have been blessed with.


Jill said...

I loved this post. Not only do you count your blessings, but see the good in the not so favorable things in life.

I love reading books or seeing movies that make you evaluate your own life and realize all you have.

I am thankful for you and all you and your family have done for me. I feel like I got to be part of your family for 3 years and you will all have a spot in my heart forever.

See you today to eat lots of good food!

Brenda said...

I love Tom Davis! He has a great blog, and his non-fiction books are really good, too. He has another fiction book coming out in not too long.

Maga said...

Great blog of thanksgiving, Amy. I am greatful for the gospel and family and that I live in the day and age of Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Micrawaves, Cell Phones, Indoor plumbing!!!

clay and jordan said...

What wonderful reminders, Amy. Thanks for this post...I needed it!

Eddy and Tiffany said...

Thanks Amy, I'll have to check this book out. Thanks for reminding us all about how blessed we are. Can't wait to see you for the Veigel Christmas party! :)

The Capson's said...

I totally agree!!! This book was AMAZING! It truly made me look at my life a little closer, and realize all the things that I do take for granted. I am so blessed to live here in the USA and to have the wonderful people in my life that I do. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Angela said...

Thanks for this post Amy, I loved it. It's so true that we have so much to be thankful for, even the things we complain about like you said. I want to read that book now!

Sarah said...

This is a really great post. I haven't even read the book and your post has put it in perspective for me! I will have to add this to my list of 'must reads.'

Sarah said...

This is a really great post. I haven't even read the book and your post has put it in perspective for me! I will have to add this to my list of 'must reads.'

Kim said...

Great post Amy, although I don't think I'll be reading the book anytime soon.

You're such a great friend and I'm thankful for you and your family and all you do for us.