Friday, July 9, 2010


Last night we finally went and saw Eclipse. And I have to say it was actually really good. Of course it still had its cheesy parts and funny lines, but it was much more exciting and intense. I loved it.

Per usual routine, we hit up Rumbi before the show.
Then we rushed up to see a little Jacob and Edward. Add Jasper, Emmett, and Reily (sp?) and it had some cute boys. I know most of you will say, "Who likes Jasper?" Well, that would be me. I don't know what it is about him, but I have liked him from the beginning. I think he is much cuter than Edward for sure.
Here is the crew. Kimmy (who apparantly didn't want to get too close to Tracy), Tracy, Candi, Lindsay, Me, Mindy, Heather, and Kristen & Amber on the bottom. We missed you Meg!

Amber brought her son and friend along. We had to get a pic of the only boys in the group.

And Amber thought it would be funny to leave me a secret picture. I thought it would be funny to post it for the whole wide world of blogging to see.
It was a superb night and thanks to all the husbands for watching the kids! Can't wait for the next Twilight Party!!!


Andrea said...

So, yeah I had read all the books and never seen any of the movies. I was afraid it would ruin it for me. Well, I got talked into going to the midnight showing of Eclipse on the first night. So, the night before I watched both Twilight and New Moon and I must say I was disappointed--soooooo cheesy!!!!!

However, I had a great time seeing Eclipse--must be all the excited screaming fans or something. Or maybe it's that their budget gets bigger with every movie. Whatever the case it was fun. But Amy, Jasper?? Seriously??

Kim said...

Haha this post makes me laugh. I didn't realize that I was so inappropriatly spaced from Tracy. The night was so much fun. Tracey's U-turn, the delish food, Kristin waving at random people, sneaking in our drinks, Tracy jumping at any and every part of the movie, did I mention Tracey's driving?...loved it all!

By the way, I saw a picture of Jasper in a magazine where he is normal and he is super sexy! I'll have to show you.

cwilson said...

I still need to see it! I hope I like it as much as you! I've heard mixed reviews! I'll just have to keep my expectations low and then I'm sure it will be fine!

Angela said...

I thought Eclipse was really good too! Much more intense than the first two movies, but it was my favorite book in the series so I knew I would like the movie more too! Looks like you all had fun!

MCapson said...

Too bad I had to miss it. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!! Yeah that mad. But hey next time I am definitely going to be there. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I'm glad you guys had fun.

Alyssa said...

Your wolf howl kills me! I am so sad that I couldn't go! It is always so fun with all of you guys! Lets start planning the next girls night!!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Your fourth looked crazy but fun. I liked Eclipse also, although I think the audience reaction to it made it cheesy! And honestly, just about every guy on the movie is hotter than Edward. You definitely saw more of Jasper in this movie--maybe you're a southern belle at heart? He definitely got the Texan drawl on in this one! B

Mindy said...

Ok, I was laughing just as hard at the "secret picutre" as I was about your boys and the water balloons. Hmmm, that gives me an idea. What kind of secret picture can I take?