Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We went to the Capson's on Saturday for a Pirate Party. Trent always says he isn't going to dress up, but then pulls something together at the last minute. This time he raided my closet for some Mr. Smee clothes.

It is sad when your husband looks better in your clothes than you do...

The Capson's house was totally decked out in Halloween and Pirate garb. They even had everyone pose with the hung pirate at the door.

And here are all the wenches that came.

And while we were partying it up, Kim was nice enough to take care of The Hoard. She even managed to make some sweet Halloween cookies with them.

Thanks Capson's for a fun night out. They even got Trent to play some games....which is worth documenting alone.


Trent said...

It's a good thing I showed up with a hot wench or I could have been mistaken for a very different kind of pirate.

Chesney said...

Amy, you are so funny! I love reading your posts. Your kids are growing up....they are super cute!

MCapson said...

I actually got Trent on video being a rat during charades. It's awesome! Thanks tons for coming!

Kim said...

Still laughing at Trents outfit. You guys are good sports.