Friday, October 28, 2011

One of THOSE Weeks

Coming off an extreme weekend of every emotion into a week filled to the brim has made me a wee bit ornery. I was hoping to get to posting about the amazing Vegas Ragnar, but that will most likely be coming later. Instead you get to join in a pity party with me. You know the weeks when you just can't seem to get on top of anything? Throw in a couple extra things like, Halloween and a new job and it gets that much more hectic. Here are a few things that have been happening this week:

  • Preschool field trip to the museum. I don't have any pics because I rented a locker for a quarter and as soon as I locked the door I realized my camera was still sitting in my purse. And I didn't have another quarter, so there it stayed.

  • Book Club. I just got the book on Monday and the party was Wednesday. Needless to say I didn't finish it. And upon arriving to Book Club (45 mins late) I found out I was supposed to be the one leading the discussion. Luckily my group is awesome and Amber took right over.

  • I had mutual at my house where we made mini donuts and watched Thriller. I love my Mia maids.

  • I made more donuts the next day for Aiden and Andrew's class party. I don't care if I see another mini donut for a long time.

  • I was in charge of a craft for Oakley's party and drove around to several different stores(even the same store twice) to find something to do, finally settling on a mediocre craft. Luckily Kindergartners don't care.

  • Waiting for the most important part of my costume to come in the mail only to find out this morning that they "can't find the package" anywhere.

  • Having to schedule a drug test and find babysitters because they won't let you take kids with you.

  • And finally, the worst one, we are speaking in Sacrament on Sunday. And when I say we, I mean all seven of us. It should be a grand meeting. Anyone is welcome to come, you might get a few laughs.

And all you moms know what it is like to do everything while taking care of kids, so while I was making my second batch of over 100 mini donuts:

Paige, Morgan, and Oliver decided to empty out their entire wardrobe into the living room.

Let's just say it was the icing on the cake....or should I say donut.


Mindy said...

I'd LOVE to hear your whole family speak! Wish I could be there! The donuts are super cute. I can't wait to hear about vegas ragnar!!

The Capson's said...

Amy!!! Call me when you need a sitter. I'm always happy to come help watch the hoard. This sounds like a crazy week for you guys. I hope it slows down next week. It'll be nice having the talks out of the way...That is the scarriest thing for me. :)

The Capson's said...

You will do great by the way! Can't wait to hear you all inspire us.

megan said...

those donuts look sooo good. makes me want to eat every single one in that pic. (unfortunately i could... and would. which is why i choose not to know how to make them.)

Maga said...

Glad your 'pity party' didn't keep you from making mini donuts--sounds like you're still a GREAT MOM and SUPER WIFE!!!!!!

Julie said...

Phew! Crazy stuff. Stress for sure. I love the donuts though, cute!

4cutegirls said...

Most importantly where's the mini donut recipe?

Kim said...

Ugh making mini donuts suck...but really, they are so good.