Sunday, July 8, 2012

E is for Eddy

Last weekend I ran the Race for Grief 10K with Lindsey. We ran for Eddy. It was a good race, for a good cause. And since Old Navy had such a good sale I was able to pick up the blue tanks for dirt cheap and then paint an E for Eddy. Unfortunately, I didn't know Lindsey's brother Blake would be running, otherwise I would have made him a cute little tank top as well. ;)

I had two great running partners for the race. Of course Linds and then her sis-in-law Janetha, whom I stole these pictures from. I hope you don't mind Janetha. I stalk her blog AND steal her pictures.

It got kind of emotional near the end of the race. Especially crossing the finish line and seeing family and friends there supporting all those that have lost babies. These 2 had to be the cutest ones there. And Izz did an excellent job on her poster don't you think?

Thanks for inviting me to run Lindsey, as always, it was fun to run with you. And thanks for being so amazing. You rock. 


Kim said...

Such an emotional race even as a spectator. Lindsay really is pretty amazing.

Julie said...

That's a cool idea for a race. Wow. Love the tanks.

linds said...

love you amy.