Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July

I deleted some photos from another blog I had a while ago and was able to get enough space for a post. And since I use my blog as my journal, you all have to bare with me while I back post and get caught up.

Back to the 4th of July.

We had a fun one. We started the day of swimming at Maga's pool.

We had some fun with the underwater camera.

Got to hang out with these two lovebirds.

The boys loved jumping off the diving board and trying to catch a ball in the process.

We had some good chicken fights.

Ate some delicious Dominos.

The boys got to hang out together.

While this boy slept the morning away.

The girls swam their hearts out.

And Jackson finally got used to the water.

And a family shot.

Later that night we had a BBQ at our house. Because of my current space problem I don't have too many pictures. If you would like a more detailed recap visit Jamie's Blog here. I stole all the pics from her anyways.

And some good dance moves involved too.

Because of the firework restrictions we had to move the party down the hill. We hit up a church parking lot and let off a few smoke bombs.

 And a few hundred parachutes.

This was Annie's position for the whole firework party.

 Then came the BIG ones. Trent did a magnificent job picking out some great aerials.

 And a group shot of most us.

 And one of my favorite pictures from the night. Grandma Teri with her grand kids. Love it.

 It was a great celebration. Thanks to all who joined in the fun and brought food, fireworks, and fun. We had a blast!


Ashlee said...

the girls look so big in these pics! your fam is adorable!

Maga said...

Loved the picutues--PLEASE KEEP
BLOGGING!!!! Just a picture now and then is fine--like one or two a week!!!!!