Monday, September 9, 2013

Long Weekend

It wasn't really a long weekend, but I am counting Friday and Monday in my post which makes it longer.
Friday morning started off with another 20 miler. Trent and I did the same route as my first one with one change. The Maverick was no longer, so we had to run farther to a Smiths. my run went down hill from there.

I bonked and I bonked hard. the last 8 miles were a killer. I had never had a run like this before. It seriously nearly killed me. The fetal position was the only thing that helped. If I moved my legs would started to cramp. It was not fun.

After I recovered we hit up Café Rio with Jake. He was in town to bike the LOTOJA. Best part about running 20 miles? I can eat whatever I want.

 After lunch we went and saw Grandma Wiggles in her new place. She has a picture of her grandma (?) which I though looked just like Morgan.
Saturday I went to a shower for Trent's cousin Erika. I was the only one representing the Brad Jensen family. It was good to visit with these girls.

Sunday night we had a BBQ at our house and broke out the Rock Band. It was good to get the band back together.
Monday we spent the day with Jake looking at houses. So happy to have the New Yorkers moving back!
We hit up Yanni's for a quick lunch before Jake had to go to the airport. The conversation is always funny with this group and usually the topics are always the same.



Maga said...

Amy, so glad I can still blog--give Trent an extra kiss for showing me how and dropping by to fix Todd's Wify (sp?)

Gabrielle said...

Hi! How are you? It's great that you sing in a band or karaoke, we love to do it too!
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