Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I have a lot of blogging to do. I mean a lot. So we are doing it the easy way and going off of Instagram.
I got a new calling and am a Den Mother. Not real happy about wearing the shirt, but I am loving my calling.

Jenny started school and we all got to benefit. I got a facial and a pedicure. It was so nice.

This guy came over a few times and he wasn't happy with me.

Had a couple of jogging partners one morning.

Paige was running to school so fast that her legs couldn't keep up with her body. She headplanted it and was bleeding down her face. Luckily we have awesome neighbors that helped her to school. I got to bandage her up and send her back.

We are loving having Grandma Wiggles so close. The kids love to visit and love getting a treat from the fridge.

These 2 are crazy girls, but so cute when they sleep. Even Morgan with her eyes half open.
We bough a new super sized grill which makes making food for the Hoard real easy.

We were lucky enough to get to pick out pumpkins from Kim and Luke's backyard. They grow some pretty awesome pumpkins.

We dined at Crown Burger.

These 3 got together one morning and played.

And in the midst of all this our fridge leaked. Our ice maker wouldn't stop filling up the tray so it overflowed all over the floor.  Such a bummer to refinish newer floors.

And then we found out it was so bad that we would have to replace them. Even worse.

So we lived like this for a couple weeks.

 And ate out for almost every meal.

It got old pretty quick.
Finally the got done and we got out kitchen back.
And that leads us up to the Marathon. Duh Duh Dunnn!

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