Friday, November 15, 2013

Nate and Jen

Well, I can't believe it Jenny got married. I mean I can believe that she got married, but I just really can't believe she got married!
You see, she was 6 years old when I started dating Trent. 6! Seems to weird for her to be old and married.
We met up the morning of the wedding for a delicious breakfast of crepes, hot chocolate, and a toast for the soon to be married couple.

Jenny got started on the beautifying.

While some of us watched.

All the girlies so excited for the big day.

 One of my favorite parts of the day.

And I absolutely love this shot of the whole clan. Everyone looks great and it is such a big family.
The best.

And I love all these sister-in-laws of mine.
Also the best.

And who knows? Maybe this is what Nate and Jenny's own family picture will look like in 20 years. :)

And we tried another shot, but it was difficult to fit that many people in a small space.

These girls were all so excited for Jenny and Nate.

and they couldn't get enough of her train either.
and then just like that Jenny wasn't a 6 year old girl anymore.

and just like that she was gone.

And then the party really started. Not really, but we did sit around and talk for a while, which was another one of my favorite things.

Congrats to Nate and Jen! Here is to an eternity of happiness!

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