Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween this year.
We started off with pumpkin carving. The kids did a lot of it on their own which was nice.

The masterpieces
Everyone used a pattern except Andrew.

I love using real candles in the pumpkins. I love the look and the smell.

The kids were so excited for Halloween and their costumes. Oakley and Morgan were witches. Paige a vampire. Andrew a scary clown, and Aiden a guy that died in the sewer.

Trent and I were Mr Willy Wonka and a Golden Ticket. I really tried to get the kids to be Oompa Loompas, but it was a no go.

We went Trick or Treating at Grandma Wiggles. Which she got mad at me because "I forgot" to bring her candy to hand out to the kids. :)

Then we went Trunk or Treating with my neighborhood.

And then we met up at our house for food, trick or treating, and visiting. No pics of that.
We had some of the cousins sleep over. Which made for a full house.

The next morning I hit the sales and bought a huge supply of costumes and such.

And I came home to this disaster.

We had a double night sleepover and I think when all was said and done the kids were wiped out.

It was a good Halloween.

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