Monday, December 2, 2013

The Rest of November

We filled the rest of November with some Just Dance party's

I became addicted to Pumpkin Steamers

Seriously the best.

Oakley wrote letters to Paige and Morgan. Once again I laughed out loud. Oakley kills me.

I got my eyelashes filled which always makes me feel better.
I played nurse and fixed Mason's cute little fingers after he cute them.

We roasted hot dogs and smores for scouts.

I started a new job for the school district. I am a clinical instructor, which basically means I do nothing for an entire shift and makes rounds every once in a while to make sure the students are working.

The only thing that gets me happy so early in the mornings is my steamer.

And one of the perks is meeting some cute people, this one in particular. She is has fun and happy as her daughter Tracy.
The boys had another sleep over with James and Josh. We shouldn't call them sleepovers anymore, but wakeovers.

I hung out with my girls and watched a show.

I finally got out and ran after Vegas. I have lost the running bug completely.

And I have gained the do nothing and eat all the time bug. But I did find this Lay's potato chip that describes my love for them perfectly.
The girls and I caught the premier of Catching Fire. Paige had a really hard time smiling for the camera.
And Heidi introduced me to Cubby's and I am dying to go back and have some of their buffalo cheese fries. Doodee.

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