Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 24th Celebrations Begin!

I love living in Bountiful during the 24th of July. A lot of it may just be the nostalgic feelings I get from my childhood days, all the activities; parades, fireworks, fair games AND food, all of which are so fun. And now I get to see my kids enjoying all these festivities
The night started out with a parade and my kids loved it! James and Josh have started their multi day sleepover with us, so they got to join in the fun too!
They got otter pops, taffy, bubble gum, and tootsie rolls thrown at them through the whole thing. They were ALL in heaven.
Trent and I with our girls. I don't know what Trent is doing with his face.
Kim and Jill. 2 of our FAVORITE "nannies!"
Another beautiful face. Why do boys feel the need to do weird faces for pics?
Cade, Emily, Sarah, and Aaron.

Morgan and Paige. They actually really enjoyed the parade!
Oakley and Aaron were doing some pretty cool dance moves to the marching bands!
We finished the night off with fireworks. It was a perfect view from our roof!
Can't wait to do the fair tomorrow! BBQ, corn on the cob, tiger paws, cotton candy, hot dogs, fish pond, and rides here we come!


Sarah said...

I miss the 24th. We don't have a holiday like that in Nebraska (well, maybe we do but nobody celebrates it). I love that it turns the whole month of July into one big party! I used to love it as a kid too.

Luke & Kimmy said...

Thanks for letting us tag along with you guys. Parades are so much better when you watch kids enjoying them. Thanks for the movie too. I have to watch as many movies with you guys as I can before this baby comes...sadly, those days will be put to rest soon.


Wade Family said...

I am so jealous! Looks like lots of fun. I was telling Ryan last night that today was one of my favorite holidays and I haven't even celebrated it for five years so enjoy it for me! Hey, your cousin is coming over for dinner is so crazy he is here. In response to your question I don't think I will be in Utah until after Christmas...that is if I make it that long :) But we will have to get together!