Saturday, July 26, 2008

The James and Josh Adventure is Ending...

Well, we have had a great few days with James and Josh at our house. We take them back home today, so the fun is ending. Here are a few, well a lot, of pics of our fun time together. This may be a picture overload for most of you, but I just had to post them and believe me, I could have done A LOT more!

So, one of our many activities was a water balloon fight. Jill and I filled balloons for an hour and the kids destroyed them in 5 mins. So worth the work???

We told everyone to go get James. He LOVED being the target. Seriously.
This picture cracks me up.
James was a pretty good escapee.

James is getting Andrew back here. You can even see the balloon exploding on Andrew.
Trent threw a balloon right on Aiden's forehead. He had the leftovers on his head the rest of the fight.
Morgan just watched. I think she liked it.
Paige and Oakley being goofy in the pool.
Last night we decided to go on a hike. Everyone had a good time, that is until they would trip on a stump or rock, then they thought they were dying.

The group on the trail.

ALL of us. It was quite a sight to see us all hiking.
Trent and our girls. So darn cute.
Josh and Aiden. I don't know how their faces got so dirty???
Since we were in a nature mood with the hiking, the kids and Trent slept in the tent last night. This was a first for James and Josh.
The boys and Oakley lined up in the tent.
We really did have a great time and we hope that Brad and Heidi had an even better time on their cruise. So Jealous!


JamieN said...

I'm tired just looking at all the things you did with so many kids. How fun! Seriously! Wow! And to even top pff the night with sleeping in the tent?! How fun! James and Josh are going to want Heidi and Brad to travel on a regular basis.

Sarah said...

You guys are obviously the world's best babysitters. They're going to be begging to come to your house!!

bjensen said...

You are seriously wonder parents. I can't beleive you do it with 5 let alone 7! Bravo to you two! Not only did you have all seven, you do way fun stuff with them! Unbeleivable! It was so fun to be with you this weekend, I had a ton of fun Friday! Just think next time I'm up will be for girl's weekend! YAY!!!!!

Putnam Family said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I can't believe you can handle all those kids! I love the pictures of the water fight so cute!

Kory & Lisa Allred Family said...

You guys are so amazing...just taking care of kids is hard enough...but doing all those fun things with 2 extra!! Looks like everyone had a great time, love ALL your pictures. Hiking looks like so much fun and that climbing wall and little Oakley's expression too cute! Mmmmm cotton candy...YUMMY!

cwilson said...

You guys looked like you had tons of fun with that many kids! You really should have a couple more!:)

ajensen said...

I wish I could have HALF your energy I really do. So fun!

Beata said...

Well said.