Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a Thursday...

The day started out with a celebration of Teri's (Trent's mom) birthday. We met at Ruth's Diner and had a delicious meal.
Out on the patio waiting for our pulled pork and reuben sandwiches!
The group. I love Jamie and Jenny peaking over the birthday girl's head!
So, at lunch it seemed like my birthday. Jenny walks in with this HUGE bag of bows. They are all so darn cute. Oakley has already worn some. And Heidi gave me a package of scrapbook paper and embellishments. Can everyday be Teri's birthday? Thanks you guys.
(I had to get a picture so you guys could see ALL the bows)
Later that night Trent and I took the 3 older kids to a Bees game. We got free tickets from the Relief Society. Nice!
Really, the only thing that entertained the kids was food (thanks Maga). Oh and "Bumble" the mascot.
There was a balloon lady at the game. She made the boys swords with belt holders and a "Captain Jack" hat. Oakley got a princess wand with belt holder. The kids thought it was the coolest!
It was a good day for us.


Jill said...

Fun! I love days like this that get filled with fun activities. It was fun that you both came to lunch, I like when you guys are around!

Putnam Family said...

How exciting! I love all of the bows they are so cute. The kids look like they love the balloons! I love the bottom picture.

Jacob Jensen said...

I am extremely jealous! Sounds like a great day - and to finish it off with a baseball game... what could be better?

Luke & Kimmy said...

Awww...what a cute LITTLE family.


JamieN said...

Looks like a great day. The best picture is the one at the game with Trent handing out treats. The two girls in the background are totally eyeing the goods. Looks like they wanted some too! LOL!!!

bjensen said...

Why did Jenny have all those bows? They are so cute, I love big bows on little girls. Looks like your kids had fun! Can't wait to see you next weekend!

Sarah said...

Man ~ I really miss Ruth's Diner. My family used to eat there a lot in the summer. It is so peaceful up there!