Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines=Girl Time

Trent and I don't believe in Valentines, therefore, we never plan anything or buy each other anything. So, instead of being romantic with Trent, I went and had some girl time. Which is always a good.

First up: Firehouse Pizza.

You all know this is a fave of mine. And I tried something new too. I know, Amy try something new? Yes, I did and it was delicious! And of course the FHZookie did not disappoint.
Kristen, Meg, Me, and Lindsay. These girls are some of my "BBF's" from my ward. I love my ward and love the girls I get to serve with in YW's. We have a great time together. If I am ever released I just might become inactive....

Next Up: Shower for another BFF from the ward

She is adopting the most beautiful girl from Ethiopia. The shower was fabulous with tons of really good food and great company. I ate 2 too many eclairs. Just for the record I don't do diets on the weekends.

Followed By: Celebration Brooke

It was Brooke's B Day on Saturday, so of course there was some celebrating to be had. Met up with the In Laws forgot the name. Is it Noodles & Company? Anyways, It was my first time there. I ordered a salad and the smallest salad ever created was delivered to me. Really, I could have eaten the whole thing in 3 bites. But I wasn't too disappointed seeing how I had just come pigging out at the above mentioned shower.

Me, Brooke, Teri, Jill, Heidi, Jamie. Always fun to be with these girls. I am lucky to have married into a family with so many sisters.

Last Stop: When In Rome

I don't go to movies all that often, so this was a treat. And I had been wanting to see it for a long time. I would say it was just all right, but I think Josh Duhamel is pretty darn good looking.

Trent and I did 'celebrate' V Day by going to "Old McDonalds" with our kids. Nothing more romantic than that.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!


Andrea said...

You girlies always have SO much fun! Never been to Noodles???

Mandi McQuivey said...

How fun! You are so lucky to be able to spend so much time with your family! Cute pictures!

Wade Family said...

Glad you had fun. Your crazy I look for any reason to buy gifts and celebrate! Bummer on that movie I thought it looked so good...oh well it makes not being able to see it until it is out on DVD not so bad.

Shannon said...

You all look so good! Man, I miss you guys! We need to hang out sometime. There's got to be a good excuse to throw a party, right?! Say hi to the kids for me!

Jamie said...

I think Valentine's should be a week-long celebration for girls! That's a great idea! I want to go to Firehouse with you. I've only been once and it was years ago when Heidi and Jill were still up in Logan. Let's plan another girl's night and see if we can get Heidi out again. :)

Sarah said...

What a great way to spend Valentine's Day!

amyandseth06 said...

Ok first things first. Don't give up on Noodles & Co. That is seriously my favorite place. But you have to get the right thing. I can't believe nobody told you about their famous mac & cheese. It sounds doumb to order that, but trust me it is soooo good. You'll gain 10lbs just looking at it and it will be totally worth it!!!
Sounds like a fun weekend.
PS How's the diet going?

Julie said...

Do you ever party, girl! Phew! What a weekend.