Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flower Power

Paige and Morgan turned 3 over the weekend. We had a flower power birthday. The girls were pretty excited.
Still can't believe my youngest are 3.
Here are the attendees. Thanks to both families for making the trek and celebrating with us.

The treasure hunt. Always a favorite of the kids. Walmart was having a clearance in party favors, so the kids scored this year.

Present time. Everyone is always so nice to bring gifts. Paige and Morgan got spoiled.

The flower garden. I wasn't in the mood to spend forever on a cake that nobody eats. So we did the delicious oreo ice cream dessert.
It was a great party, with delicious food, and good company. Paige and Morgan are so lucky to have so many people that love them. And we are so lucky to have 2 of the cutest girls in our family! Happy Birthday Girls!!!
p.s. Paige and Morgan are loving their new helmets and "scootings."


Sarah said...

Your girls are just so darling {so tan and so blonde!} and it looks like they had such a great party! I think you cake looks great too!

Maga said...

You do such cute things for birthday parties---in the next life I'd like to be one of your girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like another awesome party! Love the cake!! Your girlies are so cute.

Andrea said...

Can't believe they're 3 already! They are so darling...and once again you pulled off a darling themed party. You're my hero!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Love them! Makes me sad that your babies are growing up so fast. As always, thanks for hosting such a fun party.

hbentley said...

I love birthday parties at your house. It is always so much fun. Your little girlies were so cute. Thanks for having us up and for the wonderful food.

Julie said...

I love the oreo ice cream dessert. that's the best. And flower power is totally an 80's thing - so fun! Congrats on getting your babies to 3. twins even!