Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Greys River.10

As I said before, every year my family goes camping up in Greys River, WY. And it is REAL camping. You know the "dig a hole to poop" kind. And wouldn't you know this is exactly when Paige decided to get potty trained. I think we dug 25 holes a day for her. Fun.

My mom wanted to get family pics while everyone was in town. It has been a while since our last session. We all liked the idea of having a non traditional family photo shoot. Most people get matching outfits, new haircuts, spend all day getting ready, and finding the perfect background.

Well, in true Veigel fashion, We took pictures after 3 days of camping, no showers, half the kids in swim suits, and in the back of a truck (which I still think is a perfect background). You have already seen our funny shot, which I love. Here is the cousin shot.

Bottom row: Oliver, Avery, Paige, Oakley, Morgan, Jackson
Top row: Andrew, James, Aaron, Sarah, Aide.

And here is the serious family shot. I need to crop and edit it, but after almost 2 hours of doing this post I didn't have it in me.

Bottom row: Luke, Me, Trent, Oliver, Avery Paige, Oakley, Morgan, Jackson, Mom, Dad
Middle row: Kimmy, Andrew, James, Aaron, Sarah, Aiden
Top row: Emily, Cade, Jake, Becky

Now on to the camping experience. Here are just some shots from around camp.

Hanging around camp was real nice. The kids would just explore and the adults would sit around and talk. In between taking care of the little kids that is.

When we were up there we would run every morning. I think I had the best runs of my life on that dirt road. Becky and I ran 4.5 miles the first morning and were shocked when we found out we ran that far. I have only been running 2-3 miles a day to try and get my IT band back in order.

And here is the machine. He runs 4.5 miles on his days off from real running.

Campfires and Smores. We did this every night. And by the last night we refused to let our kids do them. Cleaning 5 kids after every marshmallow toast is not too fun for the adults. Maybe if they would eat like a normal human being it wouldn't be as bad.

Poor Paige and Oakley got sick up there. Luckily it was only a 12 hour bug and luckily we caught the throw up every time.

Here is another favorite pic of mine. We have one just like it from last year.

My mom in her glory. Her and Emily brought up a whole preschool for the kids. It was heavenly. My kids love Grandma Hoggie and Aunt Emily.

Every day we would all load up and tube down the river. we have sooo many pics. I really need to go through and delete half of them.
The first day all the boys went and the next day all the girls went. It was awesome. Although we did have a near death experience and almost lost Emily down the river. We laughed hard about it later when we told the story around the campfire. Although the boys said they couldn't understand my blubbering through my laughter. Trent said I sounded like a squealing pig trying to tell a story.

Here are the kids. Such good times. Most the kids loved it. I would say my girls were not so fond of it though.

Here is a pic of the original boys in the family. It truly is an amazing shot because they are all smiling. My dad and Cade never smile and Luke is usually acting like a goof. Jake is the only one that smiles good for shots.

Murphy Lake:

We always go to Murphy Lake while we are there. The kids love the shallow water, the "beach," canoeing, rafts, and tubing.

The rope swing. It was pretty stinking high. I am surprised my boys went on it. They are on Trent's back in the bottom right pictures.

And here is how we slept every night. Aren't they cute all lined up?
So overall, I would give our Grey's River Trip 2 thumbs up, which I couldn't do in a self portrait shot.
A big shout out to my mom and dad who provide most the food AND cook it for us. They are amazing. And thanks to everyone who helped with the Hoard. Life is much easier for us with more adults around.
Here's to next year!


Maga said...

Thanks for the commentary and the great pictures!! My favorite is your favorite of your back pack family!!!

Dee Dee said...

That looks like so much fun! Tell you what, I want to be small again so that I can ride in one of those backpacks! That looks nice! I love your family! It's fun to see everyone!

Alyssa said...

Amy this post made me laugh because can you imagine running with me in the mountains?? I would definately get lost and then you would end up running a marathon tring to find me! Haha I miss running with you!

Annie said...

How fun! Love the pics of the boys on Trent's back flying off the rope swing. That's awesome. And, I'm glad your IT band is starting to cooperate a little bit. Hooray!

hbentley said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. The family pictures are so cute. I love the picture of your little family getting ready to hike. seriously, Trent doing 4.5 on his day off of running. I don't think I even drive 4.5 miles on most days. I can't believe we are from the same gene pool. Glad you are back and you all survived.

linds said...

what a fun trip! i love that you are really camping...

Trent said...

I wish I could comment on every picture. They definitely capture the fun we have up there. And there are some amazing shots. I think the one of your Dad and brothers has to be a favorite. Both for the miracle it is that they are all genuinely smiling and for the picture style itself.

This is quite a post. If anyone blogs they will appreciate the work it takes to put something like this together. Thank you for documenting our family life.

Kim said...

Awesome post! Love everything about it. I think I may just copy your link onto my blog and call it done.

Seriously though, this has to be one of the best years at Greys.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Nice post. Hopefully we will be back in couple or three years.

Julie said...

You make that look so fun!!! I can't believe about Trent and his running. He's crazy. I love the picture of the kids in blue life jackets all lined up. So cute. Your family sure knows how to vacation!