Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just can't keep up with my blog right now. Besides our big family camping trip a week ago, I just got back from girls camp as well. Hopefully soon I will get my life back in order and narrow down pics from both camping experiences. Until then here are some pics from our 24th.

I love, love, love the 24th. I love the fair-scones, snow cones, corn on the cob, cotton candy, bbq sandwiches, toys, fish pond, and the nostalgia it brings me. Here are a few pics from the events:
Aiden is an amazing climber. I like it much better when he is climbing things like this and not climbing up on our roof.
Andrew chose to spend his tickets here. He thought it was great.

And Oakley just wanted to do the shark slide over and over.
Paige and Morgan did some things too, but since I was late getting there (you gotta love work) I didn't get any pics.

We ended the night watching the fireworks from our roof. Much better than the last fiasco of firework watching. And Morgan was sick that day, so she went straight to bed.


Andrea said...

Cute pics of a very cute family!

cwilson said...

I love the 24th too! I hear Trent wouldn't let you come say hi on Sunday night. Next time, don't listen to him!

Julie said...

how do you do all of this and work at an outside job too??? amazing.