Saturday, October 9, 2010


The girls started Gymnastics this month and LOVE it. Everyday they ask if it gymnastics day. Unfortunately, they only have it one day a week. And it will be like that for a while. How do people afford so many extracurricular activities for their kids???
Paige and Morgan got their leotards for their birthdays. Oakley is a little jealous, but what can you do?

Here they are on the balance beam. It was Disney week and they were being Simba crossing the log bridge.

And of course they love jumping on the tramp and doing their straddle legs.

And I love gymnastics too. Thankfully, Oliver just sits right next to me and stays pretty quiet the whole time. So I get to sit there and read for an hour. It is lovely.


Maga said...

Amy, you asked how do parents pay for so many extr-activities for their kids. Not many parents have FIVE kids under 5.

Kim said...

Those are the cutest little gymnists I've seen.

Oh and sorry about the Oliver part. No fun.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

good times. Jackson has been literally praying to do "gynaxticks" again

Azure said...

How fun for your kids!! Where do they go for gymnastics?