Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scary Hill

I am a new fan of Go Deal Go. If you haven't check it out yet you should. You get some pretty amazing deals. The first one I purchased was a combo pass to Cherry Hill. We only paid $4 per person and each person got to do miniature golf and 3 other activities. Maybe that is why things are seeming so expensive to me lately. I am used to the 50-75% off price I get through Go Deal Go.
We redeemed our vouchers for family night this week. The kids love anything spooky, so naturally they loved Scary Hill. They are being zombies in this pic, if you couldn't tell.
You should have seen these guys play. I am thinking the average score per hole was 17. They were pretty excited when they finally "golfed" the ball into the hole.

After golfing we did the hay maze. It was hilarious. The kids were so excited and ran into the maze. 10 seconds into it, as soon as Paige, Morgan, and Oakley realized they were lost, the screaming started. Trent had to go and rescue them. On the other hand, Aiden and Andrew loved it and were screaming with joy.
After that we went to Hamster Haven. The kids had a blast playing in the HUGE ball area.
They loved to hide:

And emerge:

And escape:

Trent and I loved just sitting there on the bench relaxing. Perfect activity for family night. The best thing is we still have tons of punches left. We may be heading there for the next family outing.


cwilson said...

I'm going to have to check go deal go out! Looks fun!

Maga said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES OF YOUR FUN TIMES!!! Keep it up!!!Just blog me your Halloween costumes---we're not answering our door Sat. or Sun.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Such a good mom--lots of fun outings. Sorry about the dead bird. I can definitely relate to that one. Although at least the ones we saw weren't in our yard!

hbentley said...

It looks like you guys had alot of fun. Nothing better than finding something cheap that the family can enjoy together.

Your boys were so good yesterday. Thanks for letting us have them.

Julie said...

Yes, that is a perfect outing for you guys. The mess is somewhere else and you guys can sit for a bit while they burn off some childhood energy. Fun!